Category: Leadership

Seek Your Contrarians

I have a couple readers who love to call me out when they disagree with something I have written here or published on social media, and I love them for this.

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The Real You

They want to know that sometimes you don’t know what to do, that you make mistakes. Mostly they want to know who the real you is.  

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A Preocupation With Failure

There are in this world a few industries that are remarkably failure resistant. The question is what makes them different?  It’s a single thing: They are obsessed with failure.

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Would I Live Here?

A significant aspect of what I do is visit senior living communities. I find it really hard to write about the industry without experiencing it for myself.

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How to CEO

Do you aspire to CEO? If not, why not? Perhaps you are well-qualified and just doubt yourself. Instead of letting fear limit your life, lift your sights.

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