The Story We Need to Tell Over and Over Again

We spend a lot of time telling, or attempting to tell, the world this belief is wrong — that in fact senior living is great for older people.

Has Amazon Lost Its Way? Lessons for Senior Living

Are there lessons for senior living in the generational shift that is occurring at Amazon? What does it take to keep an organization fresh and thriving?

Pillowcase Murders Coming to the Small Screen

Billy Chemirmir killed at least 22 women who lived in a number of senior living communities in the Dallas, Texas, area.

Wellness Wednesday: Put Glad in Your Step

Realize the buzz for which you work — it might be the paycheck, but in senior living, it’s likely more, much more.





Stop Being Ridiculously Secret

No matter how secretive you are, if someone wants to figure it out — if what you are doing is that good — others will ….


Use This to Teach

I belong to this Starbucks employee group. I am mostly a lurker, but once in a while, something stands out for its application to life and senior living. 


Hallmarks of Greatness

Greatness belongs to those who do not fear the abyss, and by taking that leap, they lead the way to betterment for all.

The Cowardly, Immoral Washington Post

If they were moral, they would still shine the light on industry problems — something that is painful but noble — but they would tell the whole truth rather than a distorted truth.


This Is the Story

What made all the difference is the staff — not the building, not the food, not the amenities. It is all about the culture you create.  

90-Year-Old Basketball Players

A glimpse into how senior living can be a part of the fabric of everyday life for older people — maybe even for all people.

These Are My Peeps

Because the ultimate goal is to tell the story of how great senior living is … and we do believe this right?




A Conversation With David Grabowski

A Conversation With David Grabowski

Steve will be talking with Dr. Grabowski about where senior living fits into the broader healthcare system and the role the government plays.