The best place to go to help you figure it out.

By Steve Moran

Knowing what direction the economy is heading over the next 12, 18, or 24 months will help you be a better senior living operator, capital provider, or vendor.


Let’s start with a one-question survey . . . just for fun:

I want to propose to you that attending the NIC Fall Conference in Chicago from September 11-13 may be the best place to go to help you figure it out.

Figuring It Out

Here is why figuring this out is so important:

  • It will have an impact on labor availability and costs

  • It will impact developers’ ability to obtain capital for new projects

  • It will impact the cost and availability of new sites

  • It will impact construction costs

  • It will have a huge impact on the ability of older people to pay for senior living

  • It will impact some operators and some developers more than others

I Don’t Want To Over Sell . . . 

I wish I could tell you that by going to the NIC Fall Conference, you would walk out having a near 100% certainty of what will happen and how to best position yourself.

I do know for sure that when the former Chair of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve System, Dr. Janet L. Yellen takes the stage, along with Kathleen Hays, Global Economics and Policy for Bloomberg’s Television and Radio, we will be prepared to move the senior living sector than we were before the session started. Yellen served under President Obama and was the first woman to hold this position.

We can expect a lively discussion about interest rate changes as well as how that may play out in global and regional economies, which will shed light on how we think about the impacts on our sector.

We can also expect that macroeconomic trends discussed will influence domestic policy, the regulatory environment, labor markets, the healthcare sector, and other factors that decision-makers will be watching closely.

We will report on how well the industry did on our poll compared to what these two experts have to say. And maybe even, a year from now, look back to see who was closer to right.

I hope we will get a chance to chat at NIC in September. You will save $300 by registering before July 12. Register HERE.