On-Demand Evolve 2022 Webinar

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Learn From 24+ Speakers and Get Inspired to Create the Best Resident Experience Possible.

Watch keynote speakers Jill Vitale-Aussem, Rachael Wonderlin, Jack York, and Casey Jackson

This virtual summit is for life enrichment and activities staff, executive directors, operation managers, COOs, and CEOs who are interested in gaining knowledge to improve resident and staff satisfaction.
Don’t ignore this industry-changing event that will uplift and invigorate you, your team, and your residents.

Learn from industry leaders and join the conversation on how to evolve life enrichment at your community.


Keynote: Mindshift: Disrupting  Status Quo
Jill Vitale-Aussem, President & CEO, Christian Living Communities
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Discover how a shift in perspective can affect real transformation. Jill challenges the audience to question long-accepted practices, examine biases and work toward creating vibrant cultures of belonging, purpose, and growth, a theme that will continue throughout the summit.

Connecting Through Entertainment
Tom Bender, Founder, CareCenterStage.com
Discover how to foster your creativity and connect with talented performers from all over the world. Find out what it means to be an engaged life enrichment team full of joy.

3 Steps to Launching an Exercise Program
Emily Johnson, StrongerU Senior Fitness
Learn five steps staff can adopt regardless of their fitness background or comfort level. Emily teaches how to deliver a high-quality, dynamic, and effective fitness experience to residents.

Creative Solutions to Partner with Dining
Nova Robinson, Pegasus Senior Living
Gain insights on common communication challenges that arise between activities and dining services, and learn how to overcome them. Nova will tap into her 20 years of hospitality experience to help organizations incorporate creative solutions to elevate resident offerings.

Panel: Through the Eyes of Life Enrichment Staff
Scott Smith, Five Star Senior Living​
Alissa Edwards, Senior Resource Group
Dean Palombaro, Ohio Living​​
Join these three senior living experts for a discussion about individualized on-demand programming, workload, and life enrichment budgets.

Evolve 2022 Panel April 5


Keynote: Quick Tips for Elevating Dementia Care Programs
Rachael Wonderlin,
Founder, Dementia by Day
In this session you will gain knowledge of different ways to engage people living with dementia, learn questions to ask residents when starting a new activity, and discover how pre-made boxes can change the game of dementia care programming.

John, Josh and Cynthia at Evolve 2022

3 Reasons Why Our Brain Needs Play!
Dr. Cynthia R. Green, CEO, Total Brain Health
Did you know that infusing your cognitive wellness training with a bit of play can have many brain-boosting benefits? Learn three reasons why adding play to your brain training programs can enhance everyday thinking skills, encourage socialization, and boost well-being. Cynthia shares several interactive, engaging and fun ways you can bring more brain play to your community!

Dementia Care & LTC Engagement Approaches
Joshua J. Freitas, Chief Research Officer, CERTUS Senior Living
Josh will share practical insights in personal, process and environmental approaches to person-centered care with an emphasis on dementia and long-term care. He will expand on how to create high involvement for staff, residents and family members to address the health care needs of seniors.

Program Highlight: Man’s Best Friend
Erica Arnold, Poydras Home
Learn about a program designed to create meaning and purpose in the lives of people living with dementia. This program aims to increase mood and participation, and decrease the need for medication.

Truths & Myths about Dementia
Dr. John Zeisel, Founder, The Hearthstone Institute
Learn about the despair and hope models. Dr. John shares how to use evidence-based adapted reading materials, so people with various levels of cognitive challenges can continue to enjoy reading throughout their dementia journey. Viewers receive free access to eight Hearthside Book Club® stories.


Keynote: The Time is Now to Change Resident Engagement
Jack York,  Founder, IN2L (It’s Never Too Late)
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Seize the moment of change. The pandemic elevated the importance of resident engagement – and the critical role of life enhancement staff.   It’s a remarkable opportunity to change stereotypes of both elders and the profession of life enrichment.  Jack will tap into his 22 years of experience and challenge life enrichment staff about how to change the perception of their job within their own organization, and the industry at large.  Now is your time!

Panel: Leaderships Perspective of Life Enrichment ROI
Scott McCorvie,  CEO, Vita Senior Living
Tana Gall, President, Merrill Gardens
Gottfried Ernst, VP, Discovery Senior Living
Join this discussion to learn how leadership makes decisions on life enrichment funding, resources and strategy.
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Michelle Olson, Casey Jackson and Kelly Tremblay at Evolve 2022

Rethinking Care for Older Adults
Dr. Kelly Tremblay, WHO Research on Aging
Come learn the World Health Organization’s new guidelines for Integrated Care for Older People. This sessions is for leaders to learn how they can make a difference in six priority areas. Dr. Tremblay discusses how longevity impacts the bottom line of your senior living community. Discover how you can embrace a new way of thinking about care delivery.

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Investment
Erika F. Jackson, The Samaritan Solution
Erika discusses moving beyond policies, programs and headcount implementations. Explore the importance of advocacy and allyship to inspire and develop the next generation of leaders within senior living. Understand the impact of diverse communities and how they EVOLVE our culture.

Life Enrichment Investment Crucial for Occupancy
Kelly Stranburg & Sara Kyle, LE3 Solutions
Actively supporting life enrichment staff yields positive outcomes and will improve your community’s reputation. Sara & Kelly discuss tactics to elevate life enrichment careers while strengthening census.


Gratitude Through Nature & Creativity
Dr. Michelle Olson
Inspiration is everywhere, if we are open to seeing it. Dr. Michelle shares the benefits of gratitude through a nature-based mindful and ‘bodyful’ creative practice. Learn how to evict your inner critic, embrace uncertainty and spontaneity, while increasing your sense of gratitude and joy. Participants will be invited to join a hands-on creative experiential activity (no art skills or special art materials needed).

Community Case Study: Activating Resident and Staff Purpose
Anna Hall, Founder, The Purpose Equation
Caren Silverlieb,
Assistant Executive Director, Colony Retirement Homes
Join this discussion to learn the value of identifying and activating purpose among employees and residents. Speakers share their learnings about the impact purpose has on their personal lives, teamwork, and enrichment programming strategies.

Keynote: Transforming Your Values Into Better Outcomes
Casey Jackson
How you communicate with residents and staff can have a profound impact on outcomes. Learn to harness the science behind effective communication that inspires change within, as well as others around you. Casey will teach you to identify key communication roadblocks and recognize resistance in conversation and how to effectively respond.

Discussion: Value of Life Enrichment, The Investors Perspective
Scott Collins, CEO, Link-age
Ron Schaefer, Chief Operating Officer
Sara Kyle and Kelly Stranburg, Founders, LE3 Solutions
Learn about Return on Impact, the new ROI.

Foresight Awards Winners
Made possible by Total Brain Health
Our third annual Foresight Awards recognizes frontline staff and leadership who have gone above and beyond to improve the lives of their residents and co-workers. 

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