By Steve Moran

What is possible in your organization and your communities? It might seem like a dumb question because it is simple and obvious. And yet I find myself wondering what would happen to your senior living organization, your community, your region, your department if you asked that question.  

  • Would it be possible to have every unit full? What would this mean to your community, your organization? You would be able to pay the wages you want to pay; you would be able to sleep easy at night. You would not have to make hard decisions about saving money by not doing the things you really need to do, really want to do. 
  • Would it be possible to have a wait list? If you had a wait list you might not even need a salesperson. You, the executive director, could do the selling because you are better at it than anyone. Your biggest problem would be getting the unit ready for the next resident.
  • Would it be possible to create other sources of revenue besides monthly fees and care fees? More financial health for your organization, more flexibility. Less stress. 
  • Would it be possible to have every team member love coming to work each day? It would mean happier team members, few if any recruitment problems, less stress and less drama. It would mean no hard decisions where you keep a team member you really need to get rid of.  

Once you believe in the possibilities for your community, you can develop an action plan to get there. It seems simple and elementary, but I find myself wondering if senior living operators who have serious occupancy problems in some number of communities ever sit down and say: What do we have to do to get to 90% occupancy?

  • Programming changes
  • Sales changes
  • Marketing changes
  • Staffing changes 

Then lay out a 30, 60, 90-day and longer plan to make it all happen. 

It is in your power; it is possible to reach those goals.