By Steve Moran

Going to my first prom at age 68 was almost certainly a more delightful experience than if I had gone to prom in high school. But it had some of the same elements …

  • 🥴I couldn’t figure out what to wear.
  • 🥳I went stag.
  • 🚘I drove myself, by myself.
  • 😏I went home alone.
  • 😵I went home early.

The Back Story

From first grade through high school I attended church schools, and in my particular flavor of Christianity, we don’t approve of dancing, which of course is rather bazaar since the Scriptures are full of stories, even commands, to dance.

So we had these things called banquets, pretty much the same as proms except no dancing. The drama and teen angst was the same. Pretty much all my dates were girls who were desperate to go with someone rather than alone.

The Story

A few years ago, a San Francisco State student by the name of Emma Meads reached out and asked if she could intern with us. I said yes but had no idea how to make it all come together, and so Lola Rain put together a program that would help us grow and help her gain real experience.

Fast-forward a few years, and she is now the community relations director at Regency Place, a senior living community in the Sacramento area. Randomly, she sent me a text asking me to come to the Senior Prom they were holding later in the week.

I was intrigued. I have seen lots of stories about senior living communities holding senior proms and each time thought it would be a fun experience.

I looked at my calendar; it was open. Tried to figure out what to wear and landed on dockers, a black shirt, and of course “Chuck Taylors.”

I had the best time. I did a selfie with a resident who is 101.

Danced with a woman with dementia and discovered some team members at this community can cut the rug.

I also discovered that Emma can do the worm.

The Best of Senior Living

These moments in time represent the very best of senior living. It is the perfect example of community, something that you simply cannot get at home. The lives of these residents, their families and the team are better off for being a part of this community, for participating in this event.

I am better off for attending. Thanks for the invite, Emma.

A few more photos: