By Leigh Ann Hubbard

What was big in 2023? This was!

Here are this year’s articles you viewed most.

You were into provocative challenges (Steve Moran), in-depth analysis (Jack Cumming), and insider insights (Susan Saldibar).

And the #1 story of the year? The charges in March against Loren Shook, Jason Russo, and Kim Butrum at Silverado Senior Living. Steve called the charges outrageous, and behind the scenes, readers told him they agreed.

Seven months later, the charges were dropped!

Happy New Year to Silverado, and everybody in senior living. May 2024 bring hope, full buildings, happy residents, and fulfilled staff.

This Year’s Top 10 Articles

10. Customer Service to Love and to Hate

By Jack Cumming

Let’s not let senior living ever become like cable.

9. Capital Ideas: The Trial Lawyer?

By Jack Cumming

The driver took off like a bat out of hell. As he disappeared, I caught the license plate, California COURT6. Aha, I thought, a trial lawyer.

8. CNAs Spill: 5 Things We Really, Really Need

By Susan Saldibar

“They have a story to tell, but nobody’s listening.”

Sponsored by KARE, a Foresight partner.

7. Private Equity Destroys

By Steve Moran

When I first heard the news that Attane abruptly shut down, giving employees no advance notice and no severance, I was not surprised.

6. Unlicensed Nursing Homes …

By Steve Moran

I love to visit senior living communities that are doing something unusual.

5. New Senior Living Company: Sugar Shack Senior Living

By Steve Moran

Inspired by The Savannah Bananas.

4. 20 Things Executive Directors Say Within 20 Minutes of Arriving at Work

By Steve Moran

  1. “The first complaint already.”

3. 7 Existential Threats to Senior Living

By Steve Moran

Each is something that could break the industry or, tackled artfully, make the industry stronger.

2. Congratulations to These 2023 Foresight Award Winners

By Leigh Ann Hubbard

As role models for the industry, they demonstrate compassion, creativity, passion, and drive.

1. I Am Pissed Off, and You Should Be Too

By Steve Moran

The Los Angeles district attorney announced the filing of charges against Silverado Senior Living and three executives for infections that took place in March of 2020. This is a good company; the leaders being charged are good people, and they are being trashed by LA County and by the press.