I’m tired of having to explain the continuum of long-term care, the difference between independent living and assisted living or memory care

I was speaking the other day with a local colleague who is the president of Senior Housing company. The company had outsourced its marketing to a respected ad agency and, after a year of working with them, he wasn’t particularly happy. He said:

 “I’m tired of having to explain the continuum of long-term care, the difference between independent living and assisted living or memory care, and a target audience that is both the potential resident and an adult child. Our ad agency may know marketing, but they don’t know senior living and that wastes a lot of my time.”

What Gets Seniors Attention

Such is not the case with CIRCA 46, a full-service agency and a new Senior Housing Forum partner. CIRCA 46 knows what gets seniors attention and moves them through the sales funnel. In fact, according to President Paul Flowers, “The agency was established with a singular mission – to provide marketing communications services to businesses that target the growing seniors market.”

CIRCA 46 LOGOCIRCA 46 is a division of Slingshot, one of the largest independent advertising agencies in the Southwest. The CIRCA 46 team has developed a high level of knowledge and understanding of the senior cohort; Slingshot, incorporated in 1995, is the master of leading-edge advertising technologies. Together they are able to deliver leading-edge digital tools as well as traditional marketing communications strategies.

Mr. Flowers is an advertising veteran with four-decades experience and the author of the award-winning book Underdog Advertising®. The book helps smaller businesses create and execute advertising programs that are effective in the face of strong competition. He also is certified by The Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

Visible and Compelling

He notes that “motivating seniors to want to live in senior housing is a big task, as a result, traditional advertising doesn’t necessarily work. So, the key to senior housing marketing success is to be visible and compelling when that need for senior housing or care arises.

“That’s why we’ve developed a four-step solution to establish your community in your prospects’ consideration set. We know how to reach seniors in this increasingly fragmented world. And, we’re not only effective, but efficient, keeping marketing costs down,” he concluded.

We look forward to working with Paul and Circa 46 to help senior living communities more effectively communicate their unique value propositions to their residents, families and prospects.

You can see some of the work they done in the senior living space HERE.