By MaryLee Herrmann

“Yay, it’s Monday!” said pretty much no one ever.

Pool parties, road trips, and chilling with family and friends fade into memory. It’s time to roll up your sleeves … and, if you’re in senior living marketing, hear that perpetual question from the C-suite: “How will we raise occupancy?” — and before you can answer: “ … without raising costs.”

How do you spend less money and get better leads?

Foresight and Dreamscape Marketing chime in: “Let’s make Mondays great again!”

Start Your Week Empowered 

Mondays have never been “great,” but how about more palatable? Even empowering!

Twice a month, our own Steve Moran is co-hosting Foresight’s new Marketing Monday. It streams live on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook.

The second Monday of every month, the show will be brought to you by Dreamscape Marketing (a Foresight partner). Dave Grauel, who specializes in senior living, will co-host for Dreamscape and focus on one thing: how to drive down your cost per lead through strategic digital marketing.

Wait! Come back!

Yes, I said, “digital marketing.”

I know what you’re thinking. It’s daunting. Overwhelming. Everyone else knows what they’re doing, and anything you post will be stupid.

Well, Dave says we should all give ourselves grace and stop comparing. That’s a nice way to start the week, huh?

Insights From Episode 1

In the first episode of Marketing Monday, Dave shares that, yes, there’s B-to-B marketing, and there’s direct-to-consumer marketing. But ultimately, it’s all human-to-human marketing.

Humans are storytellers by nature.

  • Stop worrying about what your competitors are posting, and talk about amazing things you’re doing!
  • Tell your stories on a local level.
  • Use your community’s stories to differentiate — to show people why they’d enjoy living there specifically.

You can even build a plan to capture your marketing stats and make decisions based on them.

Sure, science and math are involved in marketing, but I like how Dave puts it when he says, “When we are passionate about the industry we work in, those ones and zeroes — that math, and that art — creates a connection between somebody’s major life choice.”

Recently, Dreamscape conducted the Senior Living Marketers Survey 2022. To get a free copy of key findings, text “SEO” to 916-659-5287. 

Dave starts talking about the findings at 12:33. They’re happy to share them, because, as he says, “Ultimately we want to create a transparent marketplace for senior living researchers to get their information.”

To make sure you don’t miss an episode …

Mondays are looking better already!