By Susan Saldibar

Have you ever …

  1. Almost given up on a prospect, but asked one more question that turned the entire sale around?
  2. Gone outside your community and found a fantastic referral source you never knew existed?
  3. Gotten a call from a prospect who checked your community out online and was already 80% ready to make the transition?

If you haven’t, it’s high time you did. 

John Lariccia, founder and CEO of WelcomeHome CRM (a Foresight partner), and account executive Michael Moye sees these minor miracles all the time. Because they’re all about helping sales reps experience them.

They have plenty of street cred, starting with the gutsy move of entering an already overcrowded CRM space five years ago. Asking people what they hated about their CRMs, they built a CRM that they would love (100+ clients as of this writing).

During a recent Marketing Monday, Steve Moran threw four questions at them about things sales directors want to know. Their answers may make some light bulbs go on.

#1. How do I get more move-ins? (Stop laughing.)

Two pieces to this, according to John:

  1. Art. You have to become a curiosity professional. I like that. You have to ask a lot of “why” questions. A big mistake is to think that two people looking for care for a mom with Alzheimer’s are the same people. They aren’t. “Why” questions reveal the differences.
  2. Science. Know your numbers! What different steps did you take with a prospect to get the move-in? How many calls, emails, and so on? Systematize it and replicate it.

And don’t write off old prospects! 

Are those prospects sitting around for 90 days? Don’t assume they made another choice — especially given the roller-coaster ride of the last several months. Get back on their radar.

#2: What do I do about these aggregator and digital leads?

In his former role as a sales and marketing director, Michael found a way to humanize his relationship with aggregators. “They know who the closers are,” he told Steve. “So if you’re on their good side, building relationships, you’ll see your ratios go up.”

But …

Don’t keep working with them because you’re afraid of what might happen if you stop. There are other options today. You don’t need them that badly. Either treat them like a partner or turn them off.

Stop being hypocritical about digital leads. 

John recently asked a group of sales executives what they thought of digital leads. All said, “low quality.” Then he asked them about their last personal major purchase. How did they research it? All did it online!

And then there’s this ….

Since these prospects have already researched you online, by the time you talk to them, they are already 80% there. So, according to Michael, there’s a good chance you may only have to do about 20% more work to convert them.

Cool side note on Michael, by the way. He was a sales and marketing director and a WelcomeHome prospect originally. But he pushed back (who needs a new CRM, right?). Then the light bulbs went on. He became such a big fan that he joined the company! 

#3: How should I prioritize my day?

  1. Don’t. Do it weekly. Too much stuff gets in the way during the day.
  2. Create large blocks of time to spend outside the community.

Number 2 is critical. It’s tempting to spend “downtime” walking around your own community. But it’s a distraction. And you need sales. You will accomplish much more by getting outside and meeting with elder law attorneys, partners, and others who might become your next great (free) referral source.

At a minimum …

Carve out at least a couple of hours a few days a week to get out in the community. Michael suggests even 50% of your time. “Wear out the tires.”

#4. What am I doing wrong?

John and Mike know how tough it is for the sales directors out there. Occupancy isn’t improving, so you tend to focus on everything you’ve done wrong, rather than things you’ve done right.

  1. First, get rid of guilt.
  2. Then focus on what you are doing well today.
  3. Finally, focus on what can you improve tomorrow.

Maybe that sounds too simple. But are you doing it? 

Michael wants you to take a step back. Don’t get so stuck inside operations that you lose your faith in your community and your ability to sell. Surround yourself with positivity.

Go watch the video; it’s super lively and Steve always sneaks in some good add-on questions.

Better yet, schedule a demo, and check out the CRM firsthand.