By Norene Cashen 

Before Wednesday was dubbed Hump Day, it was Prince Spaghetti Day.

If you’re like me — old enough to remember an iconic TV commercial that first aired in 1969 — you might recall the image of a young boy named Anthony running home to enjoy a plate of Prince pasta lovingly prepared by his mother.

I mention this not to make you hungry but to point out how much we humans enjoy “day naming.” Read: creating catchy nicknames to make ordinary days special.

And nowadays, all the days have a hashtag. Sure, day naming can be kind of silly, especially when the days are dedicated to getting the best deal on a Christmas sweater (#BlackFriday), having a blast on the weekend (#SundayFunday), or eating tacos (#TacoTuesday). But it can also remind us to focus on more significant things, like those business goals that need constant refocusing.

So, if effective marketing is one of your top goals (I’ll bet it’s in your top three!), and you understand the benefits of getting fresh and frequent insights in a rapidly changing industry, get ready to subscribe to the Senior Living Foresight YouTube channel, and get your hashtags ready for the recently launched, bimonthly Marketing Monday live stream.

WelcomeHome to #MarketingMonday 

In one of Marketing Monday‘s latest episodes, WelcomeHome (a Foresight partner) made their debut. They’ll be cohosting on the fourth Wednesday of every month, sharing insider tips for how to boost census.

For some of these insights, this is the first time they’ll be sharing them externally. We’re going to get scoops from the folks behind what Steve calls “without a doubt the best CRM in the world right now.”

What the Data Shows

In this premiere episode, “Demystifying the Occupancy Riddle,” WelcomeHome’s CEO, John Lariccia, and VP of sales and marketing, Teddy Helfrich, expounded on why being “hyper-responsive” matters right now, the impact of “movement to mobile,” and the benefits of incorporating texting into your prospecting.

They also shared aggregated data from about 1,300 communities across the country. These are real-time stats that are not self-reported, so there’s no human bias involved. We got insights like:

  • Independent living is leading the way in post-pandemic occupancy recovery, bucking some predictions.
  • Move-outs are down, and new leads are up.

To download more in-depth stats to inform your sales and marketing, click here.

Ways to Watch

Is Marketing Monday as amazing as spaghetti? Maybe not. But it’s pretty darn close. And last time I checked, even the best noodles didn’t close sales or increase move-ins. Here are some ways to watch: