By Sue Saldibar

Have you ever gotten a lead from a phone call out of the blue? You were probably thrilled, right? Hey, you got a great lead without doing anything. 

But inside you know it didn’t come out of the blue. And yet, if you only knew the true source, think of what you could do with that!

And what if you also knew …

  • How to accurately tie digital marketing numbers to actual results
  • Why you need someone on your team who loves numbers and analytics
  • The real reason SEO is so important
  • What a website audit will tell you about your marketing
  • How to stop relying on Hail Mary passes and go for the (more successful) first downs

During the second of a Marketing Monday two-parter with Steve Moran, Dreamscape’s Dave Grauel addresses these questions, while sharing some results from their recent survey of marketing executives. (Dreamscape is a Foresight partner.)

Survey Says …

First, a big thumbs up for the things you marketers are getting right — namely …

  • Having a plan
  • Setting goals
  • Creating metrics to track results

It’s the back end – correlating metrics to actual results and making the right adjustments – that’s tripping up the majority of marketers. And Dave addresses this as well.

Before I share my highly condensed version of the “5 Big Mistakes,” I suggest you stop here and watch the video. Dave not only knows his stuff, but he’s also super easy to listen to. And everything he says makes a ton of sense.

Top-5 Marketing Mistakes in Senior Living

Here are the five big mistakes. Maybe you’re making a few of them.

#1: Not having clearly defined success metrics

Nine out of 10 marketers do have a plan. Seven out of 10 have created success metrics. But the “hiccup” is that they’re not tying their digital marketing metrics back to the goals. Dave explains why.

#2: Not working the plan you created

Sometimes the problem is with time frames and numbers that don’t reflect reality. As Steve notes, it’s easy for a CEO to walk in and throw out a bunch of percentages, numbers, and time frames. And, according to Dave, that’s part of the problem. Leaders may have no idea of what it takes to get to the numbers they toss out. It’s up to marketers to make this clear. With new numbers.

#3: Not gathering and using actionable data

Seventy percent say they’re using the data to guide their actions. So, 30% are basically guessing. That might be because they’re turned off by having to deal with numbers. A huge negative because digital marketing is numbers. So if you don’t love that, you need to find someone who does.

#4: Not being able to correlate digital marketing efforts with results

Only 30% reported that they were able to correlate the length of time between a digital marketing push and the impact on business outcomes. 

So they didn’t know exactly what was driving an increase in leads. 

That’s how you end up with misattribution. You think a call came out of the blue, but Dave will tell you that if 70–80% of move-ins check out your website first, by entering your lead source as “phone call,” you’re missing the true source.

#5: Not investing in making your digital marketing better

If you haven’t figured out how to use your data to track back and correlate results, you’re not seeing the value. And that lack of investment is what gets communities sidelined by others who are investing.

Eager to learn more? You should be. So check out the video

Or here’s an even better idea. Grab your phone and text “occupancy” to 1-916-659-5287. That will connect you to a case study that brings all this data to life.


Big Mistake #6: Not doing this. ☝️