What is your biggest pet peeve at work?

This morning I came across an article at INC about how pet peeves could lead to your biggest idea. Honestly after reading the article the best part was the headline.

But I got to thinking about this idea that pet peeves lead to great ideas. I know that as I write, many of the stories are the fruit of annoying problems I see in business or the senior living industry. Troy Griffiths, the CEO of Vigil Health Solutions knows only too well that I am an unending fountain of ideas about how we can make emergency call systems better . . . .

Your Pet Peeve

I have no idea if this will actually work, but I have believe we should work on each other’s pet peeve together. So I have a request: 1.  If you took a pet peeve and figured out an elegant (or inelegant) solution to that problem share it here. 2. If you have a pet peeve, how about posting it here and maybe another reader will come up with a great solution.

My Pet Peeves

I will start with my two biggest senior living pet peeves.  One big and one fairly trivial: 1.  If you are a regular reader, you will know what my first pet peeve is. I find it annoying and stupid that too often front desk people in senior living communities are so anxious to get rid of anyone who walks in the door and is not an immediate prospect. 2.  Too often I will pull into the parking lot of a senior living community and will find a parking shortage but a reserved space for the executive director just outside the front entrance. Now your turn.

Steve Moran

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