Ease transitions for residents and make their new normal a warm and welcoming place.

By Jane Kincaid

Imagine an event that so many older adults face: It’s moving-in day and a new resident is preparing for a new life in a new senior living community. Upon entering the building, she sees digital signage on the TV rotating through with the great activities scheduled for today, the menu options, and pictures of a great outing or event that occurred earlier in the week.

For practical information, she also sees the weather, date, time, and a fun history fact. She notices that resident birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated. She hears her favorite song playing through the speakers. 

Ease the Change

This new resident, like many others, is one step in the door and one step closer to being in a community where LifeShare Technologies, a Senior Housing Forum partner, is being deployed to ease transitions for residents and make their new normal a warm and welcoming place.

When she enters her new room, she notices the TV rotating through with family pictures and music playing. There are pictures from family members that live across the country, pictures from their old photo album, and even off their previous home’s refrigerator. A video even pops up of a family member explaining how sorry she is that she couldn’t make it for the big move-in day, but that she will be stopping by this weekend.

The resident then grabs the LifeShare remote to exit the picture slideshow and is then watching the daily schedule with the same information that was on the public TVs. 

Resident Features Galore

The scenario described above is part of a menu of options for residents to enjoy, to become engaged with, and to learn from. Through the complete LifeShare program for residents, each individual can have the following features:

  • Loved ones send pictures, videos, and messages directly to the resident’s TV.

  • Residents can view the community information that is displaying on the public TVs.

  • Games, music, faith, podcasts, and news are all available on the resident’s TV.

  • Residents can download the mobile app to their device to view all community information.

  • Monthly, weekly, and daily calendars are available to give a resident the formats that suit them the best.

  • Concierge service can provide customized messages that are easily sent to the community staff.

  • Receive notifications on their TV, or a text or phone call, reminding them the activity is about to start.

And, possibly the most important part of the LifeShare offering is that residents and families experience more meaningful visits. There are scores of testimonials that describe how LifeShare is providing more active and fun visits for family members. What used to be stagnant conversation is improved as residents and family members can now reminisce over pictures, play games, listen to their favorite music, or talk about the community events. 

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