Senior living dining is one the most fun and most aggravating parts of serving seniors.

By Steve Moran

Senior living dining is one the most fun and most aggravating parts of serving seniors. It is part passionate anticipation, part endless task, and part terror that a disaster will occur.  

One of the big challenges/opportunities is to break the routine for your dining leadership but doing something really cool for them. I asked Harris Adler, the founder of the Senior Living Dining Association for three good reasons to attend their first annual conference that takes place this March in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Here is what he had to say.

3 Reasons

The evolution of senior housing dining is well underway with operators pouring significant time and resources into their culinary programs to drive a profitable and differentiated customer experience. But some operators struggle to retain, train, and fully develop the culinary talent they recruit.

Here are three ways you can give your dining program and the team members who make it happen every day a much-needed shot of energy:

  1. Send them to an educational experience with more than 20 topics, ranging from effective strategies for operational consistency to advice on exploiting new technology to practical guidance on food cost.

  1. Put them where they can collaborate with senior dining professionals and other culinary experts from across North America.

  1. Let them enjoy keynote speakers who inspire, amaze, educate, and give them a clear idea of what success looks like in a senior dining program.

If you’re interested in investing in your people and putting them at the forefront of senior dining, then bring them to the Senior Dining Association First Conference & Expo — scheduled March 17-20 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Early Registration ends January 30th.

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And I would add one more fantastic reason . . . at least I think it is fantastic.  I will be there and would love to connect and hear your stories and your team’s stories.