By Fara Gold McLaughlin

As we experience the onslaught of information about COVID-19 or coronavirus, many individuals and institutions are stocking up on toilet paper, literally leaving retail and wholesale shelves empty of all toilet paper and backlogged orders on many of the online shopping sites. Now, more than ever, “Going Green” takes on a whole new meaning with toilet paper in high demand and no supply.


Brondell Bidet Toilet Seats (a Senior Living Foresight partner) provides a built-in, warm air-dryer feature. Not only is going green and paperless a great option for hygiene it is also an expert management approach to reducing this once necessary expense. Even if your community requires your residents to provide their own toilet paper, going green, now takes on a whole new meaning.

Also, consider caregivers’ needs to provide personal care with the current national emergency and mandate for “social distancing”, as well as the self-cleaning and sterilization features of the Swash 1400. A toileting and personal hygiene solution with both the individual and caregiver’s needs is unique to Brondell.


Consider how the use of toilet paper costs, in both the expense of the actual product and in reducing unnecessary plumbing and damage expenses when a toilet is clogged or worse an overflow occurs from too much toilet paper use. With Brondell’s Bidet Toilet Seat’s personal drying feature, a resident can take their own time to effectively dry themselves — as long as they need to feel totally dry.

The beauty of the Brondell Bidet Toilet Seat is how both the individual and the caregiver can use the remote-control settings to ensure each toileting session is complete with the drying feature. A groundbreaking National Institutes of Health study indicates “skin breakdown” and “infections” and “embarrassing odors” isolating seniors are the tragic results of improper and complicated incontinence care for both individuals and their caregivers.

Consider your residents living with continence care challenges; frustrated and dependent upon others to clean and care for their toileting needs. Today, Brondell Bidet Toilet Seats offer a practical solution to eliminating the last task caregivers want to complete and removes the shame and indignity residents often experience waiting for reluctant caregivers to help them with their toileting. Give back to your residents the independence and wellness they desire and families demand.


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Brondell is prepared to offer senior housing operators and investors special discounted pricing to help address this immediate need. Plan to reach out to Brondell today. Learn more about the benefits of Brondell by visiting their website, or reach out to Chris Grimes at 628-800-7330 ext. 135.