By Steve Moran

I am writing this on a plane heading home from my first significant business trip of 2020 (not counting my trip to CES in January because, while I liked it a lot, I had almost no interaction with senior living people and it was kind of a geekfest, half holiday, half work trip).


I spent the day with the leadership of Morrison Living talking about how they are already impacting senior living in a positive way, and we spent hours talking about the promise and potential for this industry and how we can partner to make it even better.

It’s late for me, 1 a.m. in Atlanta where I was all day, nearly 10:30 p.m. at home, which means by the time I am in bed I will have been up for 16 hours, and yet my head is a jumble with good, creative, grateful thoughts like these:

  • While it is easy to dwell on what is wrong with senior living, there is so much that is really right in our sector.
  • I am basking in the serendipitous conversations that happen so often, Lyft drivers, airline agents, hotel front desk teams, hotel and restaurant servers, and so many more. And once in a while, like this evening, you find yourself sitting in an airport waiting area and someone you know walks up and says, “Fancy meeting you here,” like Matt Haywood did in one of the Delta clubs this evening.
  • I am reflecting on how many leaders I know who are so, so passionate about senior living, about serving residents and their families better . . . about giving them the best possible next chapters in their lives, who are passionate about their teams and helping each team member to find their dreams.
  • I am reflecting on how few jerks there are in senior living, my list is less than half a dozen and I doubt there is another industry sector where you can say that.
  • I am reflecting on my team, they make us look good together. They hold me accountable, they have new ideas and they make everything we do possible.
  • I am reflecting on you who are readers that make all of this possible. You inspire me, share your wisdom and your stories all of which make me and us better.
  • I reflect on my friends in the industry who teach me, share their wisdom, and sometimes tell me the hard stuff I don’t like hearing but need to hear.

That my list for tonight, when you reflect, what do you think about?