By Steve Moran

Yesterday I was talking to Aging Technologist Ravi Bala about the role technology plays in senior living, aging in place, and occupancy. One of the things we are most convinced of is that if senior living is ever to be seen as the first choice for older people, communities need to play a bigger role in the life of the broader marketplace community. I wrote about a community that is doing this back in 2019: “If Every Senior Community Did This One Thing, Occupancy Would Never Be a Problem”.

The opportunity is actually much bigger than even what this community is doing, which is really great. We know the healthcare system, the senior care system, is a horrible balled-up mess. Too many options, all but impossible to manage, and expensive.

One-Stop Shop

In every single town that caters to tourists, and many other not-so-touristy towns, you will find a dedicated visitor’s center. That visitors center is chock-a-block full of “free” resources that will guide you and get you started with things to do in that town or region.

Even better than that, these visitor centers have staff that you can have a conversation with about the kinds of things you like and want to do. They can help you with transportation and help you work within your budget to have an amazing experience in your town.

What If?

What if your senior living community were that one-stop shop for figuring out this aging thing? What if you had brochures and information on all the senior living communities in your area, home care options, senior centers, PACE programs, and support services.

What if you had someone staffing that center who could help people make intelligent choices that would fit their needs and desires?

For Sure

For sure you would end up helping a lot of people who don’t need your services. You might even find that you are sending prospects to your competitors. But what would be leftover is a rich pool of prospects that would turn into residents in your community.

Your community visitors center would be the first place recommended and the first place visited by nearly everyone who might be interested in senior living now or in the future.

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