Abbie Richie tells Pam McDonald, Host of Foresight Radio, that she founded her company, Senior Savvy, to bring training and support with tech software and devices to seniors.

Sometimes referred to by her students as their “technical fairy godmother”, Abbie says, “It’s truly the marriage of two things I love — all things tech and helping older people.

Abbie’s home is in Phoenix, Arizona, where there are lots of retirement communities. She started calling them, offering a workshop titled “Cell Phone Secrets for Seniors.” She says, “By the end of the day, I’d called five communities and got three bookings.”

The pandemic shut down her in-person sessions, but she began offering classes over Zoom, launched a YouTube channel, and has an “Ambassador” program through which communities can buy blocks of tech support time for their residents. “I do get a lot of calls from adult children too,” Abbie says. “They need help with their technology themselves or are too frustrated to be in this dynamic with their folks.” Get all details from Abbie about the programs and services from Senior Savvy; listen to the podcast today.