A little bit of everything…

By Steve Moran

I am a sort of researcher . . . I use that term cautiously because it implies academic and that I am not. I just barely made it through freshman English and, therefore, college because my freshman English comp professor had the good graces to die, forcing the college to convert my incomplete to a passing grade.

I spend a lot of time looking at all kinds of stories and articles on the internet. A few . . . maybe 5 or 6 are just plain cool. Some are cool but not worth turning into an article, and others are cool and really have nothing to do with senior living, but I am thinking you might think are cool too.

Not sure how often we will do this, no more than once a week; let me know what you think.

NetFlix Socks

When I first saw this idea, I thought, how cool is that? . . . my wife’s birthday is coming up, I will get her a pair. Not so fast. It turns out this is really a do-it-yourself project. That being said, if someone decides to make them and sell them . . . and the price is right, I could be up for it. It would also be great for those residents who fall asleep in front of their TV.

Not Exactly Aging2.0 Material But . . .

This story comes out of Canada and is very cool. Engineering students are going into nursing homes, figuring out the problems that are most vexing to residents and finding solutions. None of this stuff is very glamorous or likely to make the inventors rich . . . at least in terms of cash. It does, though, pay great dividends in terms of practical application of skills and making residents lives a little better.

What A Dumb Article:  100 Amazing Mini Habits That Will Make 2016 Awesome

And yet I took a look. There are some good things in here and some . . . well dumb or at least mundane things. And I did get bored and didn’t quite get to the end. I think even the writer got bored, because he included at least one thing he never tried. All that being said . . . probably worth a scan.

Should Being Nice Be Banned From the Workplace?

Is it possible that there is too much niceness in the workplace? The big idea is that because workplaces have become super sensitive about being too mean and as a result people don’t get legitimate feedback about areas that need improvement. What do you think?

Do you have something that ought to be included in the feature?  Please let us know.