One of the most telling traits of great leaders is that they are never satisfied…

By Steve Moran

The difference between great senior living companies and communities and bad senior living companies and communities is leadership. We know leadership counts at all levels. Within a single company we see property level leaders who thrive and others who struggle. In almost every single occupancy challenged marketplace you will find one senior living community that seems to defy the odds and stay full. Most senior living communities have staff turnover rates that run 40-60% and others that defy the odds with sub 20 or even sub 10 percent turnover rates.

One of the most telling traits of great leaders is that they are never satisfied that they have arrived . . . that their skills are good enough, that they know enough. They are always looking for ways to get better, to serve residents, families and team members better. If this describes you, what follows should be of interest.

A Growth Opportunity

A couple of days ago I got a chance to visit with Paul Mullin the VP of Development at Silverado Cares, about the USC Senior Housing Institute Executive Program that starts on January 29 on the USC campus in Los Angeles. Here is what he had to say.

The Genesis

For the past 5 years Paul and Silverado CEO Lauren Shook have been working with the USC School of Gerontology to create a curriculum that will appeal to senior living executives and more broadly look at how to create a program that will attract new talent and equip them to become great leaders.

The first generation of this effort is to combine the USC Marshall School of Business with the Davis School of Gerontology science and create a 3-day course for current leaders and emerging leaders. The long-term goal is to create a minor or even a major in senior living.

Who Should Attend

While the primary focus is folks who are already in the industry and are looking to grow their skills and expertise, last year (the first year) there were half a dozen individuals from outside the industry who attended. By the end of the weekend several had decided to explore going into the business. From within the industry the conference is very specifically geared to the needs of executive directors, regional leaders and corporate level leaders.

The Hot Stuff at This Conference

By my count senior living leaders have somewhere between 200 and 300 conferences to choose from each year. So my question to Paul was, “Why this one?”

  • This conference is very specifically geared toward mid-level and senior executives who want to grow their understanding of the business.

  • This year there is a very specific focus on the science of aging. In the industry we know the needs and we know the caring part, but we don’t likely know as much about the science of aging.  

  • The presenters include industry leaders, USC professors from the Gerontology School and from the School of Business.

  • It will be a very small group of high level leaders meaning lots of high quality networking time.

  • Something I have never seen before —  There will be a session with 10 accomplished elder abuse lawyers that will include a series of mock depositions.

The Cost

It is $2,500 for the entire weekend and Argentum members will receive a 20% discount.

For more information or to register follow this link:

You can catch my entire conversation with Paul here: