Being able to safely retain and securely manage residents much longer will definitely effect your bottom line. Here is the system that can help you do it.

By Pam McDonald

Steve Moran talked recently with Maggi Broggel, VP of Clinical Services, and Fara Gold, VP of Business Development, for Blue Willow Systems, a Senior Housing Forum partner and creator of technology that automatically detects and notifies staff of resident falls or elopements.

He tells them that for senior living new technology typically means more money, more staff attention, and a learning curve. He asks what benefits Blue Willow Systems might have for their bottom lines and the quality of life of residents and their families.

Bottom Line Benefits for Senior Living

Speaking about just the Systems’ wander management capabilities, Maggi says, “When I was managing and operating many, many, many communities for a very large provider, it was a consistent conversation that would be brought up on every call, ‘I have a lady or I have a man who is wandering. They don’t want to go to memory care. They’re not quite there . . . but we can’t keep them safe in AL.’

“Or, perhaps, even the family doesn’t want to move them to memory care. They’re opposed to it for financial reasons or whatever. If I had had a system like this, I could have simply said, ‘All right . . . we’re going to apply the Blue Willow System’s band and platform to your mom. We will create a personal boundary for her and we will be able to manage her wandering.”

Maggi points out for companies wondering how Blue Willow might affect their bottom line that they’ll be able to retain and manage residents much longer. They’ll be able to serve residents they once had to lose to other communities. She also notes that what they might charge for that service is likely to be “considerably and significantly less than memory care.”

A Differentiator in the Markeplace . . .

Fara adds that what a community is doing differently communicates value from a sales and marketing standpoint. She notes that early adopters will have a market differentiator to share with referral sources and prospects. What it says about a community is that it has the “ability to care for a resident in independent living, assisted living, and memory care in a way in which families want.”

. . . And, An Additional Revenue Stream

Fara states, “While [providers] . . . pay us a fee per month, we know that that’s something that can be revenue generating and certainly something that they can pass along . . ., as they should, to the resident and their consumer.”

She points out that in this situation a one-on-one caregiver is about the only alternative and notes that the cost to the family would likely be 10 times more than the monthly cost of the Blue Willow System. She says, “So it ends up being a win-win for an operator to also realize revenue . . . and upsell that as a value added.”

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Blue Willow Systems uses artificial intelligence (AI) processes and wearable technology to automatically detect residents’ critical care needs, such as falls or elopements. It then alerts staff in real time, and monitors resident’s activity and vital signs until personnel arrives.