By Susan Saldibar

Note: Not long after this interview, Fortune made it official: “We’ve moved into a housing recession.” Bad news not only for homeowners but for senior living. If families can’t sell houses, move-ins decrease. But Mom’s House was built for this. They buy seniors’ houses — with all the stuff — quickly and ethically. To learn how, read on.

If you know Steve Moran, you know that he doesn’t shy away from asking tough questions when he interviews the folks who provide products and services to senior living communities.

He does it because he loves the people this industry serves. So if you’re a vendor that isn’t up to snuff, you’re going to sweat a little. Maybe a lot.

But if you’re great, Steve will uncover what makes you great. And soon everyone will know.

No joke. I just witnessed one of Steve’s infamous interviews, this time with Ben Rao and Phillip Vincent, co-founders of Mom’s House (a Foresight partner). (You can watch it here).

Not only did they answer Steve’s tough questions, but they also said “Bring ’em on!”

There’s a reason for their confidence. They know that the community down the street isn’t your biggest competitor. It’s that 50%+ of prospects who need to sell their homes before they can make the move to your community. And those prospects that Mom’s House helps deliver to your doorstep.

They’re not real estate agents, not downsizing agents, not placement agents. 

Mom’s House is a national network of super skilled, compassionate professionals who specialize in taking a huge burden off the backs of seniors with a house to sell. They can do this because they are qualified to buy the house as-is.

That means family members just take whatever they want, walk out, close the door, and the homeowner is ready to move into your community. In weeks, not months or longer.

I know what you’re thinking. Ben and Phillip know what you’re thinking. (Steve was thinking it too.)

So let’s put it right out there. They are not “iBuyers,” those sketchy guys with bait-and-switch tactics who promise Zillow-inflated dollars for homes, only to whittle them away to bargain bin pricing.

Mom’s House pays a fair and honest price. (Ben and Phillip explain how they are able to do it in the video.)

And they save your prospect money because there is …

  • No commission
  • No fixes and rehab costs
  • No paying ongoing electric, gas, or mortgage bills while the house sits on the market

But it gets better. It’s insanely easy for sales counselors to connect to Mom’s House.

They integrate with all major CRMs, like WelcomeHome (a Foresight partner), Sherpa, and others, so all sales have to do is click on an icon, and they’re connected with a Mom’s House representative. Their people are steeped in the senior living industry, with years of helping families going through this transition. They love what they do. And it shows in how they treat their clients.

And nobody pays Mom’s House a single cent.

I realize I’m sounding like a commercial here. That’s why you need to watch the video

Because Ben and Phillip do a much better job of laying out everything you need to know about Mom’s House. And you’ll love how they answer Steve’s tough questions.

One last thought.

Before you hand over one more prospective resident to a real estate or downsizing agent, at least give Mom’s House a call. They can answer your tough questions. And they have plenty of success stories about residents who were able to move in much faster after the senior living community partnered with Mom’s House.

Ben and Phillip won’t rest easy until all operators, whether they have 10 locations or hundreds, have the Mom’s House link on their CRMs. That means instead of saying, “How’s the house sale going?” your sales counselors will be saying, “Have you talked to Mom’s House yet?”

What a difference that could make for them. And for you.