Has Senior Housing Forum gone to the dark side?

Has Senior Housing Forum Gone to the Dark Side? You may think so as you read the first paragraph of this article . . . but I hope I change your mind! I am pleased to announce that SeniorAdvisor.com is the newest Senior Housing Forum blog partner. This may come as a surprise and cause some of you to think Senior Housing Forum has gone to the dark side given that A Place for Mom is the parent of SeniorAdvisor.com.

Why I am a Fan

If you read the two articles I wrote about SeniorAdvisor.com when they first emerged I was a huge skeptic.  My first article was titled:  Redemption or getting their claws more deeply embedded? – A Place for Mom launches a new consumer review site, a long title that reflected my discomfort with A Place for Mom. My first interview answered a bunch of questions and generated a bunch of new ones.  In order to make sure I had the straight scoop, SeniorAdvisor.com arranged a second interview with Eric Seifert, the president of SeniorAdvisor.com. During that call I pounded him with every hard question I could think of, including a few supplied by readers. He had the right answers for every single one of them. It was almost frustrating because it would have made a better story generating more page views if I had been able to trash them.   By the end of the call I found that I just plain liked Eric.  He was friendly straightforward, never danced around or dodged a single question.  He even answered some questions that I am not sure I would have answered if I had been in his shoes.  It is a level of transparency that is rare and valuable. As the interview came to a close, I requested a follow-up call to pitch him about becoming a Senior Housing Forum Partner.  After a fruitful discussion, it became clear it was a great fit for Senior Housing Forum, for SeniorAdvisor.com and most importantly for readers and for senior housing operators.

Here is why SeniorAdvisors.com is important for you:

  • It costs you nothing, zip, zero, nada to claim your listing and fully control what the listing has to say about your community.
  • Even though they are new, they already have a bunch of consumer reviews which gives them credibility.
  • Because their parent company is “A Place for Mom” they have a wealth of SEO expertise to draw from which means you have an opportunity to tap into that expertise by claiming and growing your reputation.
  • If you take the time to develop your reputation at a SeniorAdvisor.com you will be in a great position to ask people to compare you ratings with others.
  • If you don’t claim your listing or develop your reviews, others will and it could actually hurt you.

Over the coming weeks and months we will begin to provide you with ideas, resources and stories about how senior communities use the reviews at SeniorAdvisor.com to improve your marketing efforts.

If you have already started down this road, I would love to hear your story good, bad or indifferent. Steve Moran