Here is what I am asking: Does having current, leading or bleeding edge technology contribute to higher occupancy, longer stays and higher resident and family satisfaction?

Here is what I am asking: Does having current, leading or bleeding edge technology contribute to higher occupancy, longer stays and higher resident and family satisfaction?    

The folks at are convinced technology is an important differentiator.  In keeping with that belief they have launched a new venture they call

retirementHomes-tv logoA Pragmatic Problem Worth Solving

I spend between 50 and 70 days a year on the road which means 50-70 hotel nights.  A few of those stays are repeats, but many are in new hotels.  In small hotels I don’t have much trouble finding my way around the property (except for that one place in Washington a few weeks ago where I stayed perpetually turned around).  But way finding in big resort hotels can be a real challenge.  One of my worst experiences was at the Gaylord, in Grapevine Texas during the 2012 ALFA convention. I wasted 10’s of minutes each day getting lost.  

Now imagine what it’s like for an elder who moves into a senior community.  Many of these communities are rather like a resort hotel as opposed to a relatively simple Hampton Inn or Holiday Inn Express.  For most seniors, no matter how it is framed, the move is not like going on a vacation.  They are going from a life primarily defined by their independence to a life that is mostly defined by dependence.   Many have mobility challenges, and some have, at least a modest level of cognitive decline.  

Moving into a senior community means developing new way-finding skills and learning new routines, for everything from bathing and dressing, to eating and recreation.   Most seniors cope in one of two ways:  They hole up in their new unit waiting for someone to come help them figure it out; or, they ask a zillion questions a day of staff and other residents.  In truth neither are very dignified.  This is where RetirementHomes.TV can make a real difference.

RetirementHomes.TV is an in-house video display system that can be located in high traffic public areas.  In addition if your senior community has a common cable TV service, your RetirementHomes.TV can be fed into a dedicated in-house resident channel.  Here are some of the ways you can use it to benefit your residents:

  • You can post the daily schedule of activities.
  • You can post daily menus – How many times a day does your staff get asked these questions:   What’s for lunch?; When is Lunch?; What’s the next activity?; Where is the next activity?
  • You can post general announcements.
  • Many communities post a welcome to prospects who are coming to take a tour.
  • Because families like to know what is going on in their loved’ ones lives and the system can be accessed from the internet.
  • Even more interesting, if you are a premium user of you can include the live feed in your directory listing.   This means daily changing content which helps push your listing up in the search results and puts on display the dynamic culture of your community.
  • Finally, because everyone one of loves to see their own pictures and pictures of people they care about, it provides a fantastic way for residents and families to re-live successful happy events and activities.

You can learn more about the system at  

Are you using a video display system in your community?  If you do, how is it working?  What do you like best?  What do are its shortcomings? Would you consider it? Have you rejected the idea and why have you rejected it?  

Steve Moran