Using video as a central part of your community’s marketing is a no brainer and I have been raving about OneDay since I learned of it a few months ago!

By Pam McDonald

Some of these numbers are just too huge for me to wrap my head around, but they’re also too important to be overlooked. Did you know:

  • 100 million hours of video is watched daily on Facebook

  • YouTube gets nearly 5 billion views each day

  • Snapchat gets more than 10 billion daily video views

  • 78% of people watch videos online every week

  • 55% watch videos online every day

  • 90% of consumers watch online video

  • 9% of marketers worldwide believe video content has the best Return on Investment

  • 80% of people would rather watch live video than read a blog

  • Facebook Live has a 10 times higher reach than shared YouTube links

  • When you go live, your videos are watched 3x longer than canned video*

(Check out for additional staggering video marketing statistics.)

With numbers like these, using video as a central part of your community’s marketing is a no brainer; especially now that OneDay for Senior Living, a video storytelling app and Senior Housing Forum partner, has made video production completely affordable.

Branded Videos in Minutes

I have been raving about this product since I learned of it a few months ago and here’s why. It’s so easy, even I can do it. And I’m self-confessed as software- and app-phobic. But, the folks at OneDay set me up with an account, I downloaded the app to my iPhone, and – without any fuss – began using it. It’s that simple to get started.

You just point your phone at your victim . . . I mean resident . . . hit record, ask a question, and continue recording until you decide to stop. When you click “Create a movie,” the OneDay app does any needed editing, adds your community and/or company logo, and renders a branded video almost immediately.

Going Further

OneDay supplies lots and lots of senior living-specific questions and, of course, you can make up your own. If you don’t like the final cut, you merely delete it and start again. And, you don’t have to capture your blockbuster in one take. You can ask your interviewee other questions or even switch to a different resident as many times as you want. Until you click “Create a movie,” it’s one video.

You can – and should – post your videos on your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn groups, and any social media you’ve identified as reaching your prospects. Additionally, OneDay creates private pages of each resident for their stories to sit on so family members can view and access them anytime.

You can email tailor-made video as follow up or for family members who couldn’t be on the tour. You can send videos to other prospects. And, of course, you can add your videos to your YouTube or Vimeo channels. (We’ll add more distribution ideas in future posts.)

The Value of Video

And, what can all of these videos do for you? Well, they certainly can give you:

  • A huge audience

  • Better SEO

  • Distribution across multiple channels

  • Exceptional, accurate analytics (for future planning)

  • Increased viewer attention, engagement, and empathy

  • Greater possibility of information that’s fun, entertaining, and shareable

  • Better retention of your messages

  • Information that’s easier to consume

  • Doubled click-through rates for your email

  • Stronger evoked emotions and connections with your brand

  • An authentic depiction of your company’s culture

  • Increased actions that lead prospects to become customers

So, with all this said: what’s your video strategy for your marketing effort?

*The views and viewer information was drawn from a number of internet sources, including Hubspot, Buffer, Vidyard, LiveYourMessage, and Huffpost.

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