Finally, an app that is “all but brain dead easy to use” that allows senior living communities to make spectacular, professional, compelling videos that can be used for resident engagement, culture building and marketing!

By Steve Moran

As is true with so many of my Senior Housing Forum partnerships our relationship started with an email. It went like this:

“I have been reading your blog, love what you are doing and would love to get acquainted…”  

John Boaz told me his entrepreneurial story that culminated with “I got this idea to build an app to capture senior living resident stories”. He is far from being the first person to tackle this opportunity so I wasn’t sure . . .

But by the time he was done telling me what it does, how it works, and HOW SIMPLE IT IS TO USE IN REAL LIFE. I was dying to see it in action and try it out.

By coincidence I was going to be in Dallas where this company is located to visit Senior Housing Forum Partners Aegis Therapies, Sodexo, and RealPage so I added OneDay to my list of appointments.    

OneDay for Senior Living

OneDay has developed an app that is all but brain dead easy to use and allows senior living communities to make spectacular, professional, compelling videos that can be used for resident engagement, culture building, and marketing. Here is how it works:

  1. You sign-up for an account at OneDay.

  2. They create a title sequence (the beginning of your video) and an end title sequence that is customized to your community.

  3. They give you questions you can ask residents. Here are some examples:

    • How did you meet your spouse?
    • What did you want to be when you grew up?
    • What was your first date like?
    • What was the best Christmas you have ever had?
    • Who was your best friend growing up?
    • How did it feel when got married?
    • Describe the first house you ever bought.
    • Do you have any family recipes that have been passed down?

      (You also have the ability to create your own questions.)

  1. You then point your iPhone or iPad at a resident, ask a question or two, and hit record. When you’re done, press “Create Movie” and in a second flat your branded move is made.

    One more click and the resident is tagged and the movie is shared with families and friends. You can also download the movie for posting on your website, Facebook, Instagram, or other places.

A Powerful Sales Tool

They are beginning to see senior living sales folks use the app to create branded “Thank You” videos that can be instantly sent to prospects after a tour. As a result, there is as much interest in the app for sales as for life enrichment.

Over the last few weeks I have shown it off to a small group of senior living executives and they are all impressed.  


It is a non-traditional use for the app but I have been playing with it to create some Senior Housing Forum videos. You can check them out below:

You can see how it is used here:

Over the coming months, we will be telling stories about how communities are using this tool. I will be shooting video at conferences and sharing those videos with you.

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