The answer is yes I am a shill for ALFA or more accurately my Senior Housing Forum Partners at ALFA.

It has been an exciting time for Senior Housing Forum this past year. Traffic growth has been phenomenal and that is true for three reasons:

1. The Readers 

You, the reader community, have commented and recommended Senior Housing Forum to your friends and colleagues. You have joined the conversation publicly and many of your have sent me emails of encouragement , correction and even complaint. Even the complaints are valued because you took the time to talk to me.

2. Industry Leaders 

I am profoundly grateful to the many people who have been willing to share their experiences with me so I can write about them. These leaders include the young woman, whose name I can’t remember, who answered, when I asked her what she did, “I’m only a receptionist”, and well known industry leaders like Granger Cobb and Andy Smith.

3. The Vendors (This is the shill part)

 The vendors have provided the financial strength to grow and improve the website, to be able publish new content every day. Most of these vendors will have booths on the ALFA exposition floor.  I hope you will take a few moments to visit their booths and learn more about how they are helping senior living providers keep getting better. Here is the list:

I don’t know what else to say except thank you for an exceptional year. Steve Moran If you like this article (or even if you don’t) it would be a great honor to have you subscribe to our mailing list HERE