Activities teams can begin to feel pulled in too many directions, becoming stressed and overwhelmed . . . we know how to help!

By Pam McDonald

Most senior living managers would agree that Activities or Life Enhancement staff are frequently the “go to” people for residents and families when they have questions. Unfortunately, the activities team can begin to feel pulled in too many directions, becoming stressed and overwhelmed.

But senior living communities that use LifeShare Technologies, a communications and resident engagement system and a Senior Housing Forum partner, are enabling staff to work smarter not harder

Increased Staff Efficiency and Productivity

By plugging LifeShare’s small set-top box into ordinary, commercial television sets, communities gain:

•    enhanced communications functionality

•    digital infrastructure

•    loads of options for resident activities

And, because the system is so easy to use –– without IT expertise –– many on the Activities team are finding ways to increase their efficiency and productivity. By turning to LifeShare Tech, they can complete routine work assignments quicker and smarter.

Benefits When Employees are Happier and Less Stressed

Naturally when workers are more productive, businesses are better able to control labor costs and, even, improve the quality of services with fewer resources. Happier and less stressed workers typically do more for the company, making their salaries yield a higher ROI. Other benefits for employers and employees are:

•    Improved morale, which can increase longevity with the company and result in lower turnover

•    Reduced pressure and stress

•    Stronger work ethic for individual staff

•    Better team cohesion; healthier relationships among employees and managers

•    More innovation from team members who feel they contribute to the company’s success; they’re more likely to offer ideas and solutions

•    Greater professional and personal growth for staff; increased critical and imaginative thinking

For communities that might want similar outcomes, the following are examples of ways LifeShare Technologies can be used to lighten staff’s workload.

Simplified creation of digital signage and customized calendars

Staff inputs the community’s resident activities for the day, week or month and LifeShare creates the calendar automatically. It can be changed or updated at any time. It’s available for digital signage in the lobby and other common areas. Residents and visitors can easily see the planned activities for the day. The calendar also can be printed or saved in a digital format (such as .pdf) for easy emailing to families and prospects. Its default template can be branded and 100% customized for individual communities.

Automated resident notifications and reminders of campus activities

Higher participation in activities can be achieved without staff having to run around knocking on doors, delivering flyers, or making phone calls.

Updating or correcting information remotely – from any location

No more saving changes, corrections or announcements to a flash drive or some other cumbersome process. Staff can edit from home (or anywhere with an internet connection) – instantly.

Set-and-forget background music to create a desired ambiance

Playing the role of DJ, staff selects and schedules music for specific areas of the community at specific times. The schedule doesn’t have to be set again until a change is desired. Choices can include, for examplel, easy listening in the lobby and dining room; gospel music on Sunday mornings; Big Band during Happy Hour; stress-reducing tunes in Memory Care, especially as the sun is going down. Coro Health designed the music libraries of over 1500 therapeutic programs in all styles and genres to promote outcomes at certain times of the day.

A wide variety of resources and engagement activities available at staffs’ and residents’ fingertips

Residents can choose to occupy themselves with the vast assortment of games, music, faith programming, podcasts, and videos loaded onto LifeShare Tech – and any of these can be easily set for group activities by staff.

Improved family connection via the free, robust mobile app

Families have a simple and direct channel to stay connected to their loved one and campus news and information.

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