By Steve Moran

This is the start of a new series at Senior Living Foresight. I am constantly stressed that I can’t interview as many people as I would like. I borrowed this idea from a friend of New York Times writer Paula Span (with permission of course).

Kendall Brune is a Senior Living Foresight hero, operating communities with tremendous team culture. He has thirty plus years of experience in senior executive capacities in the finance, development, construction, and operation of ambulatory care, pharmacy, as well as senior housing and care facilities including independent, assisted, memory care, skilled and, sub-acute environments.

He has professionally been responsible for the project management of 21 congregate living communities with over $233 million of new healthcare construction.

1. What is the most important leadership lesson you have learned?

You have to Lead! Not just manage.

2. What has surprised you most about being a leader?

Crisis brings out the true leaders!

3. What is the best leadership advice anyone ever gave you?

Listening intently is your most critical skill.

4. When you are faced with impossible challenges where do you find strength?

Inner strength from God! Man was built for a relationship so we have to commune with the Father.

5. If you were to compare yourself with a historical, movie or storybook character as a metaphor for how you lead who would it be and why?

My graduate students call me OBEWAN, Master Jedi, or Old Man!