By Susan Saldibar

Here’s a thought for your next sleepless night:

  •  What if you’re not giving people what they want? 
  • What if your website is pushing things at them, like “schedule a tour” that they couldn’t care less about and burying   the things they want to see?
  • What if you’re losing precious leads because they got tired of scrolling around for what they needed and left for someone else’s website that offered it upfront? 

Would You Even Know?

I can’t tell you how many people I talk to who have no idea as to what their websites are doing (or not doing) to help convert visitors into leads. This is astonishing.

And, no joke, some have spent thousands to re-do the entire website, just so it can continue not to convert visitors to leads.

Aren’t Leads More Important Now Than Ever?

I spoke recently with Brandon Compagna, VP of Product for AgingChoices (a Foresight partner). What really bugs him is when people let data sit that could be working for them. So his mantra to senior living community marketers is, “Use your data!”

“Websites continue to be a decision hub for prospects,” he tells me. “Knowing what they are attracted to, what their needs are, and giving them choices is key.”

Here are 5 questions any operator worth their salt should be asking their marketing team:

  • Are visitors given a way to quickly navigate to exactly what they need?
  • Are you able to give visitors CTAs that will encourage them to leave their contact info?
  • Are you testing different CTAs to determine the most popular ones?
  • Do you know the pages most visited?
  • Do you know which pages cause visitor drop-off?

Making Your Data Work For You

To get actionable information like the above you need to have a structure in place that makes the data collected meaningful and, thereby, usable. That’s why AgingChoices built Navigator, a customizable virtual guide with a menu of choices that will pop up on any page of your website.

Below is a sample of the kind of insights the AgingChoices Navigator Click Analytics provides:

What’s Cool

What’s cool about it is that AgingChoices engineered it to let visitors “cut to the chase” and get right where they want to go. In the process, it produces a lot of super useful data. They call it their “Click Analytics”. This data can be used by marketers to really hit on what their visitors want to see and provide it to them.

“So, if ‘book a tour’ isn’t getting traction, then don’t put a bunch of ‘Schedule A Tour’ buttons on your home page,” Brandon says. You can try out different CTAs and get the right mix to optimize the chance for a conversion from a casual visit to a viable lead.

Not Rocket Science

This isn’t rocket science, by the way. The data just needs to be collected and analyzed, then decisions are made based upon the data. Brandon is passionate about getting across to senior living marketers the value of data, whether you get it from AgingChoices or somewhere else entirely. “Our goal is simple. To get community marketers to use their data to drive the changes they need to make to stay competitive.”

You can try out the AgingChoices Navigator for yourself free for 30-days, which you can access here. This special promotion ends on October 31st, 2021.

Not ready for a free trial? You can join their first Friday of the month Breakfast on AgingChoices seminar to learn more.