Einstein discovered some important principles that can have a powerful impact on your life and work.

Einstein discovered some important principles that can have a powerful impact on your life and work. Here they are:


Last week I attended the ALFA Conference in Tampa. The opening morning of the conference was jammed full with board members and staff of ALFA telling us how wonderful they are and all the neat stuff they are going to do to create a “new” ALFA.

It became chatter and self-aggrandizement, akin to the Academy Awards. 

I stopped listening, stopped caring, and skipped the rest of the main sessions at the conference. ALFA fumbled what looked like it might be an amazing kickoff. 

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the seniors housing industry suffers from flagging occupancies (around 90%) and a largely unimpressed customer base. Could it be that the largest trade association that exists to “serve” the seniors housing industry unwittingly models the very behaviors that are stifling our success?


Seniors Housing operators are loaded with salespeople who are infatuated with their amenities, services, “award-winning” programs and cool apartments and want to make sure that prospects know about all of it, right now! Einstein said that time exists so that everything doesn’t happen at once – people need time (breathing room) to hear, learn, digest and take steps toward change. 

Sure, there are tons of units to fill, which I suspect leads to a subtle desperation in approach and poses an even deeper problem – they think they are in the business of renting apartments. You’re not. Our business is to facilitate change, and real change takes time.

Until you slow down, talk less and listen more you will stunt the growth and success in your endeavors. Or as David Smith says, “Slow down in order to go faster.”


Einstein brought us yet another key principle: 

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 

If what you are doing isn’t working, and most of what seniors housing salespeople are doing clearly does not work, muster up the courage to learn new ways in which to view people, new skills to listen to them intently and courageous behaviors that will make you enormously successful. 

Your approach to seniors and their families may need a complete overhaul. Find a mentor, sign up for some additional training (such as oneonone.com), and read voraciously on subjects such as emotional intelligence, motivational interviewing and the work of Robert Cialdini (Influence).

Stop talking.  You will be blown away by all there is to learn.