By Rebecca Wiessmann

How do you sell better than those other guys across town? What makes you different?

How do you ease the guilt of moving Mom into a senior living community?

The whole process feels awful. It often comes as a need rather than a want. Mom doesn’t want it; her family doesn’t want it for her. But, for whatever reason, it’s here, and it’s necessary.

When families visit local communities, they’re looking for more than just care. They’re looking for a feeling of safeness, of relief.

And once they make the hard decision, they start the even harder process of packing Mom up, of paring down a full life into a few boxes.

How can senior living providers help ease that process? How can we offer a process that is better for our prospects?

What About This?

Have you ever sat with a box of photos, of you as a child, of your children, of your grandchildren? Or maybe, today, we file through the same images on our Facebook profiles. The nostalgia of times past, people past, and people present is so important to us all.

What if, as part of the process of packing Mom up, we got to go through all those memories with a goal in mind? Not just a focus on the inevitable move to come, but on a higher-level value, of the life well-lived. What if we could turn a stressor into a valuable moment to cherish, strangely enough by looking back on the moments we cherish?

Pocketbook Memory (a Foresight partner) can do that. How great would it be to say to your prospect: “I get that this is a hard thing you feel like you have to do, but as you do it, we want to make sure you preserve the life well lived”? It’s such a great opportunity to honor both the incoming resident and the family that is going through something that often feels very difficult.

And perhaps the video “book” becomes a statement that the family can come back to during visits. “Remember how we went through these photos, through these stories?” It can become a way to keep those memories alive.

The Difference

Here’s a big idea: Offer PocketBook Memory as a move-in incentive. It would cost you $99 — and only AFTER the resident moved in. That’s less than $100 for an incentive that shows how much you cherish them.

People are already buying it for their own parents:

The PocketBook Memory is a HUGE help and enjoyment for Mom. No bulky albums to lug around, and the music is terrific! Whenever Mom uses it, she is glued to it, and that makes us happy to know that she enjoys it. Just a great, great connection.

— Lane Alexander

“They are super impressed with it and have enjoyed it over and over. They mentioned how clear the images are. I liked how simple it was for them to use. As for the creation and ordering process — very easy!

— David Hartmann

Get Started

To get started, all you have to do is register here. Then:

  • You’ll receive brochures to include in your information packets.
  • You don’t have to pay a dime in advance.
  • When a prospect moves in, buy a gift certificate and give it to them.

That’s it.

  • PocketBook Memory will work directly with the resident or family.
  • And the resulting PocketBook Memory will be branded with your community’s logo!

Minimal time for maximum effect.

And this is the kind of thing that makes you different.