By Steve Moran

At the risk of getting myself in trouble …

I want to propose that if all you do at the NIC spring conference in Dallas is network, you will miss out big-time. Take a look:

  • Retail health care is taking a hard look at how they can tap into senior living to better serve their populations. This represents a huge opportunity to improve occupancy and revenue by solving huge challenges that companies like Amazon, Best Buy, CVS Health, Kroger, and Walmart are working to figure out. There’s a Main Stage session on this.
  • Medicare and Medicaid are constantly evolving and reevaluating. As the population ages, the challenges will multiply, and this means more opportunities for senior living operators. The Innovation Lab “Orchestrating the Future of Medicare and Medicaid for Senior Living Operators” will help you take full advantage of these programs.
  • We are just beginning to gain clarity on what boomers want from senior living. There will be an Innovation Lab that explores how to win with boomers.
  • The middle market is becoming a bigger and bigger opportunity. There is an Innovation Lab that takes a look at what is working and where the biggest opportunities are.
  • Thinking about active adult? There is a session that explores exactly how to get started.
  • Are you still trying to figure out what to do with all the data you are collecting? Are you sure there is gold in there but not sure where? There is a session that will help you find that gold.
  • Are you wondering what is going on with the capital markets, what the future holds? While no one has a crystal ball that will paint the perfect picture, there is a session that will give you more clarity.

I hope this entices you to attend at least a few of these sessions. Finally, I look forward to seeing you there.