My first reaction was: Just what we need, another emergency call system company. Little did I know.

By Steve Moran

I first met Martin Rokicki, the CEO of Skynet Healthcare Technologies, at the Argentum conference last year. I was introduced by a mutual friend and my first thought was, just what we need . . .  another emergency call system company.  

It turns out they are doing some really cool stuff like fall detection, geofencing, real time location monitoring and, even, can do door access control. Because they’re a Senior Housing Forum partner, we will be talking about some of those things over the next few months.

But . . .

I got a chance to visit them at their office last week while in Florida for the PointClickCare User Summit. While there I got a great demo of their product offering and we talked about the future.

I was really intrigued . . .

Sitting on the conference table of the room we were in was an Amazon Echo. I find myself wondering if, over time, the whole pendant, wall pull cord thing will go by the wayside in favor of a voice activated system. I had to ask about the Echo.

He started by telling me they are not actually using the Echo in their call systems today, but expect to begin rolling it out in early 2018. Then went on to show me what they are working on and I wanted to show it to you, because it is really, really cool. So cool in fact that I made him stop and then start over once I got my cell phone video on.  

Check it out:

See what I mean?

The one other thing I would add is that they have some serious traction with a number of companies in the US and Canada. They have the ability to work with just about any budget.

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