If most taxi experiences were even close to this experience, Uber and Lyft would never ever have gotten off the ground!

By Steve Moran

I recently attended the Environments for Aging conference in Savannah. I did kind of a dumb thing. I booked a flight that left at noon on Sunday and arrived in Atlanta at 10:40 PM. This meant not getting to bed until nearly midnight with the conference starting at 8:00 AM Eastern (which translated to an exhaustingly early 5:00 AM “my” time).

Uber, Lyft and Taxi’s

My go-to transportation is Lyft, followed by Uber — but I am honestly pretty flexible. I typically pick a ride-sharing company over taxis simply because the rideshare experience is typically much better than the taxi experience . . . so much so, that I would pay a premium over taxis.

Except at a little airport like Savannah — at 11:00 PM at night — the rideshare folks were not very close. However, there were taxis ready and waiting. It was an easy decision.

The Best Taxi Ride Ever

Honestly, it was the best taxi ride I have ever had! My driver was older . . . meaning my age . . . and on his second career. He had grown up in the Savannah area and clearly loved his city. Except for having to be up early, I could have ridden with him for another 2 hours. He knew things I wanted to know, he told me what I should see, where I should eat, and how to get around.

If most taxi experiences were even close to the experience I had that night, Uber and Lyft would never ever have gotten off the ground!

Prior to ride sharing, the original problem was that the taxi companies and the taxi drivers knew they mostly had you over a barrel. This meant they could treat you however they wanted.

And so they did.

Now they are fighting for their lives.

Senior Living’s Uber or Lyft

We already know some of the threats to senior living . . . people staying at home, unlicensed providers, and small board and care homes. But I find myself wondering if there is an alternative option lurking out there to traditional senior living. Maybe something we have not even thought of yet. 

It’s All About the Experience

Money, location, reputation, and types and levels of care are very important. Yet, most important of all is creating an amazing experience! It is what that taxi driver did for me. He made me want to ride with him and no one else. He made me think I didn’t care if I ever road in a Lyft or Uber car again while in Savannah.  

We can do this in senior living . . . some of you are already doing this. Some of you are doing it in spectacular new communities and some in older communities. This is perhaps the most important lesson of all. Creating an amazing experience may be easier in some buildings than others, but it is mostly about looking out for the needs of others.