By Susan Saldibar

Technology has really been put to the test during this pandemic. Understandably, much of the focus has been on the operational side, in the form of virtual meetings and tour technologies; both of which have helped keep communications going and businesses moving.

But the use of video as a storytelling platform has taken on added significance, especially in senior living communities. No one knows this better than the people at OneDay (a Senior Living Foresight partner). They have been focused on creating human connections through technology since their launch back in 2012.

Their personalized video platform is enabling communities to share residents’ stories with their loved ones, directly from the residents themselves. Think of the value of this to families who can’t be with their loved ones in person right now. OneDay is also being used effectively by sales teams to create a more personal connection with prospective residents. And it makes more sense now, than ever, as we all crave more authentic, personal connections in our lives.

Video Should Engage the Prospect and Support the Sales Process

While video adds a new layer of interaction, it shouldn’t add more work for sales teams. Sales professionals need to be able to do things like a) send out videos directly to contacts from within the CRM, b) keep track of who received what, when, and c) do it automatically so sales staff’s time is freed up to keep their momentum going.

OneDay has just announced a partnership with Sherpa CRM. As stated in their press release the goal is to integrate the “engaging, persuasive video medium created through our app, with the robust, specialized CRM in Sherpa.”

As president and co-founder of OneDay, Clint Lee, says in the press release, “Establishing deeper relationships and broadening communication with residents builds a culture of trust and personalized living experience, which can both boost sales and ultimately resident satisfaction.”

More Time to Develop the Personal Connections We Need Now, More Than Ever

I reached out to Carter Severns, Director of Marketing for OneDay, to get some added insight as to what this partnership means for senior living communities’ sales and marketing efforts.

Carter tells me that being able to easily create and add video during the sales process provides a level of authenticity that can be missing in written or even phone conversations. This authenticity is more important now than ever, as prospective residents and their families seek more personal contact and engagement. Facilitating personalized video content direct from the CRM and being able to keep track of it, creates efficiencies. It allows sales teams to provide higher quality engagements while keeping the sales process flowing.

More specifically, for Sherpa users out there, not only can you send videos instantly to cell numbers and email addresses directly from the CRM, the Sherpa Sales Journal inputs automatically populate the following:

  • The activity field as Video Message out.
  • A new sales note containing a link to the video.
  • The outcome field as a continuation.
  • A predetermined allotment of time in the TSZ (Time Spent in the Selling Zone) for goal and KPI tracking.

The result of all this is to make using video more accessible and easier, freeing up community teams to spend more quality time with prospects, residents, and families.

Looking Forward

Let’s look for good things to come out of this partnership. It could have an even more enduring appeal as senior living operators strive to open their doors. Not just to go back to business as usual, but to a new normal that is more connected and eager to engage than ever before.

You can learn more about how OneDay is using video to help communities increase occupancy here.