Sometimes it’s great to get away, to step outside the norm, to have an adventure, to relive glory days. That’s what we try to provide for our residents every day at Trilogy Health Services. Through our Inspired Living programs residents have the chance to experience life as they never thought could still be possible. Recently our incredible Life Enrichment team put just such an adventure together for some of our residents. Please enjoy this account of our 2014 Indiana University Enrichment Retreat.

What happens when 127 Long-Term Care Residents and Staff are given the opportunity to experience a College Campus for 24 hours?

Surprises – A handsome young singer from “Another Round” pulled Ladonna B. out of the crowd to dance. This hit a rhythmic nerve with Georgiana S. and she could not restrain herself! She ran up to the stage and took a young man’s hand for a dance.

Spirit – Each campus came prepared with a cheer to perform at the evening’s “Collegiate Capers” celebration. Residents were creative and challenging as they cheered for Life Enrichment, challenged and even cheered for each other as they took turns chanting – “We’re not rude, and we’re not mean. We’re going to cheer for the other team!”


Spontaneity –“Cheerleaders” Sandee M. and Brittany P. made an arch for the football players to run through. Then, to relieve some of their excess energy, they turned cartwheels!

Support – Two IU football players came to Collegiate Capers to pass footballs to the audience, give IU lanyards to everyone and meet a new “fan base”. What they didn’t know is that we came to support them! They were given a pumpkin signed by all residents with their names and ages. This pumpkin was meant to be a symbol of what the IU team needed to win; with ages representing years of perseverance and overcoming challenges. What a great fan base to have supporting your team!