This is part 2 in a series on Content Marketing


Traditional marketing or advertising says in subtle or blatant ways “Come purchase my product or service, and here is why you should buy it.” It is an important part of the marketing matrix and in fact, can be critical to closing the sale.

Traditional in the senior housing marketing says things like:
– We are located in the right place
– We provide the services that you need
– We provide better services than the other community
– We have better staffing ratios
– Our rehab department is the best
– Our community doesn’t smell bad.
– Our prices are reasonable
– This is a fun place to live
– We will love your family member almost as much as you do

There are problems with traditional marketing:
– Everyone says more or less the same thing
– It is often hard to tell what is fluff and what is real
– It is inherently impersonal
– It does not fundamentally answer the questions like“Can I trust you?” or “Do you provide real value to me and my family?”


The idea behind content marketing is that I have something I want to sell, but I will provide you something that has real value and because I have taken the risk of giving you something of value, you will be willing to at least explore a relationship with me and take a look at my product or services.

Content marketing requires a level of vulnerability on the part of the person or organization creating the content. This blog is a pretty good example of content marketing. Each week when I sit down to write a fresh blog, my goal is to write something that will be interesting to a broad spectrum of senior housing thought leaders. This means I need to be able to, over say the course of three or four weeks, capture the interest of developers, marketing and sales people, line operations people and facility, regional and corporate managers.

There are many risks for me. It takes a few hours each week. You the reader might hate what I write or worst all, you will find what I write to be boring, meaning it has no value to you. It is a daunting task and I confess that I don’t always get it right. I have written some blogs that I thought were outstanding and only got mediocre responses, and others that I thought were just okay but have gotten fantastic responses.

The goal of this blog is pretty simple. I want to raise my visibility and the visibility of Vigil Health Solutions in the marketplace. I know that no one will ever purchase an emergency call system after reading my blog, but my goal is to get people to trust me enough that if they need an emergency call system that will consider Vigil. I also hope that when I call on a new prospect, they will have heard of me and be at least willing to listen to my story because I have provided real value through the blog.

Still to come:
– What to write or present
– How to create content
– Who to broadcast the content to
– How to broadcast the content.

Steve Moran

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