Looking for your thoughts. What are you worrying about for 2014?

Wall Street Journal recently asked a select group of CEO’s what worries them for 2014.  The specific question was what things that are out of your control worry you for 2014. 

Here is the top 5 list they came up with:  

  1. Keeping Energy Costs Under Control
  2. Implementation of Healthcare Reform
  3. Unknowns in the Global Economy
  4. Regulatory Uncertainty
  5. Consumer Spending

So here is my question: what worries you in 2014, either as a developer, operator or vendor?  . . . Things that you can control or things that you can’t?

I’ll start

1.   Wearing my Vigil Health Solutions hat, I worry that development will slow down because of either excess inventory or capital availability dries up. 2.  I worry that the writing will become stale, not having enough value for readers to spend their morning coffee break here. Steve Moran

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