By Steve Moran

I have these really tight relationships with many people at NIC and I think as a leading organization in our sector, they do more than any other to push us to think outside the box. Part of it is philosophy and part of it is structure, where they don’t actually have members, which allows them more freedom.

Not meaning to be critical, but I find that as I go to most of the national conferences I get a lot more from having conversations with leaders than I do going to breakout sessions. For me, NIC is very different. I find myself balancing having enough time for conversations and attending sessions that really get me thinking. 

The Middle Market Hoo-Ha

I am going to confess that when the middle market study came out I was a bit disappointed for a couple of reasons. First, because it was only national data, so it seemed really hard to do much with. The second reason was that as I read the report, I concluded that at least today . . . the problem is not as momentous as we seem to believe it is. 

Don’t get me wrong . . . it is a problem that is worth solving and it is much worse in high cost parts of the country than lower cost parts, but it also demonstrated that a lot of people who fit the definition of “middle market” are actually living in some kind of senior living (broadly defined as not their own home). 

Maybe I Was Wrong . . .

Since the report has come out there has been a ton of talk about both the problem and solutions and some growing awareness that there are organizations out there that are already solving a part of the problem. As I read and talked to people, I’m super impressed to see how people are getting creative about what I would rather call an opportunity than a problem.

Solutions from NIC

At the NIC Fall Conference two really cool things will be taking place with the goal of moving the conversation forward and finding solutions. The first is a Middle Market Hack-a-Thon that will explore middle market solutions. Participants in the session will work in small groups to design solutions to meet middle market needs and make a fair rate of return for investors.  

Then, on Friday morning, there will be a town hall style gathering where the ideas from the Hack-a-Thon will be presented and debated.   

What Intrigues Me . . .

I am really intrigued by the idea that an investor, an operator, or an owner could walk away from just these two sessions with the seed of an idea that could turn into the best business opportunity they ever embarked on and in a way that will change the world.

I am as intrigued by the idea that if we can turn the middle market opportunity into gold we can use that knowledge and those processes for figuring out how to create great senior living for every older person including those at the lowest economic rungs.

Let’s Connect

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