I can’t imagine it being any other way. Can you?

By Wendy D’Alessandro

Thirty years ago when I was in college, my parents had to write individual checks every month to cover my portion of the rent, utilities, and parking. We had to call the landlord for maintenance using the landline. There was no voicemail so it sometimes took a week or more to get the garbage disposal fixed. Tedious. Slow. Frustrating. But we didn’t have any other option. Today, we do.

It isn’t only college students who expect financial exchanges to be simple and secure. Your residents do too. And so do their family members, especially those who live out of town and are paying their portion of dad’s rent or cable bill. It’s so much easier when family members can each go online and pay a specific portion of the bill instead of pooling funds together for one person to write a check. Does anyone still write checks?

Yardi Offers a Better Way for Senior Living Residents & Families

RENTCafé Senior Living by Yardi creates a user experience that today’s busy families and residents have come to expect from the communities they or their family members live in. It’s an online portal that lets residents and loved ones manage payments, review health and wellness activities, and communicate with staff and care providers through a smartphone app or an online login from any desktop or tablet browser. 

Get Paid Faster and Improve Customer Service 

RENTCafé Senior Living makes it is easy for families and residents to manage their finances. This means you’ll get paid faster and provide even better customer service. Authorized users (as many as the family wishes) can log in online or via an app so they can: 

  • View payments and financial information in real-time

  • Sign up for automatic payments

  • Make payments using credit cards to earn coveted reward points or airline miles

  • Make individual payments; for families that divvy up financial responsibility, this makes it easy for one person to pay the rent, another to pay for utilities and so on

Streamline Requests and Improve Customer Satisfaction

With RENTCafé Senior Living, authorized users with access to a desktop or smartphone app can report maintenance issues and then track follow up. 

Let’s say a resident’s daughter notices something wrong with the carpet, or the lightbulb in the bathroom is flickering. Rather than tracking down a maintenance person right then, she can go on the app and report the problem when she gets home. The service requests are integrated with maintenance modules and mobile apps, so the daughter can receive status updates in a timely manner.

Improve Care and Enhance Communication

Through RENTCafé Senior Living’s direct integration with Yardi EHR, residents, families, and care teams can access resident care plans, medications, vitals, and more. It’s secure, and both staff and family members can share private updates with the care team about a resident’s recent doctor’s visit, a change in medication, or an observation made during a recent family visit. All these tools within one platform that’s easy for families, staff, and residents to use. I can’t imagine it being any other way. Can you?

Learn more about RENTCafé Senior Living from Yardi by calling 800-866-1144. For a personalized demo, click HERE.

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