By Joanne Kaldy

More is better when it gives you access to the resources you need to not only harness the power of positive online reviews but also monitor and respond to them with true efficiency. This is what senior living communities get with the new third-party integration of (a Senior Living Foresight partner). is the #1 site for senior care reviews, and, is a long-time leader in cloud-based customer experience management. Bringing together these two strong players will help enable communities to more easily keep a pulse on their online reviews and respond rapidly and easily to the feedback — to drive more inquiries, tours, and move-ins, and enhance their digital marketing success.

With this integration, available since July, senior living communities can now use the software platform to monitor all reviews published on their listings and publish review responses via Caring’s fastest-processing queue.

Senior living communities that use the platform, even if they aren’t partnered with for referrals or online advertising, can now use that system to monitor and respond to their reviews on with ease, convenience, and prioritization of their responses that they didn’t have before.

A senior living community can also use to add a link on their own website to the dedicated review submission form on their listing. This helps communities build up their collection of online reviews, and helps them showcase that feedback where it will be most seen by senior care searchers online due to Caring’s excellent rankings on search engines, dominance in Google’s Reviews from the Web feature, and popularity with both seniors and their adult children/family members helping them in their search for senior living.

In short, the integration will help communities stay on top of their online reputation more effectively and easily — then supercharge their online review collection for maximum impact.

It’s All About the Reviews

Communities can’t just get reviews and forget about them. Studies show that 90% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. And, when a community ignores or neglects its reviews, it lets others build their reputation, and misses sales and marketing opportunities.

Online reviews are proven to sway prospective residents and their families, and review responses also boost that influence. In one survey, 34% of these individuals said the business response to reviews lets them know “the business cares and is listening”. A well-crafted response can be an attention-getter, especially when 28% of prospects say they’ve never seen a business respond to an online review.

Responding to customer reviews, especially negative ones, is essential to building and maintaining trust in your brand. PeopleClaim found that 95% of unhappy people will return to a business if an issue is resolved quickly and efficiently. Responding to negative reviews also helps ensure your community can qualify for’s annual Caring Stars award for service excellence – which has shown (on average) to double inquiries and move-ins for their referral partners.

“There is a direct correlation between online reputation and financial performance,” says Patric Wiesman, general manager of healthcare at “This is why and are such a good fit.”

Denise Graab, director of industry marketing at, adds, “We’ve seen consistently that senior living reviews are tremendously helpful to seniors and their family members as they’re considering which communities to tour.” Additionally, she says, “One of my referral specialist colleagues now describes reviews as the new ‘drive-by’: in the modern marketplace, your new resident and/or their family is perusing your online reputation first before checking into your ‘brick and mortar’.” and offer complementary services, and they share a commitment to helping senior communities put their best foot forward and attending to details such as keeping confidential information private. They also balance the best, most effective use of technology with a personal, individualized touch that caters to each community.

Moving into a new decade, more businesses—across industries—are using integration to build better, more valuable programs and products and expand service offerings. The integration between and epitomizes the best of these efforts in the senior living sector.

Just like consumers can take a tour of your community, have you taken a tour of your online reputation? and put together a tip sheet to guide you through it. You can download it HERE.

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