Authenticity is most important to prospects looking for a glimpse into the real lifestyle of your communities.

By Fara Gold McLaughlin

Now more ever, with all the noise about “fake news”, consumers are cynical about product marketing. According to Milestone Communities, LLC, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Angela Neale Clark, “Authenticity is most important to our prospects looking for a glimpse into the real lifestyle of our communities. The OneDay mobile application is the most effective tool for our community sales leaders to show prospects what is actually going on in our communities.” (OneDay is a Senior Housing Forum partner.)

Milestone created a three-pronged approach to using OneDay — and not just in one, but all 90+ Milestone Communities! Their community sales leaders were the first to adopt the OneDay mobile application in the sales process. Clark says, “Our sales leaders use OneDay as a follow-up communication after a prospect tour.” The sales leaders record what the families said was important to them.

Clark goes on to say, “Showing the families and possibly out-of-town family members, the specific community features and solutions they want, is as real as it can get. Our sales leaders now have a way of offering more than a phone call or email to follow-up from a prospect’s tour.”

Working with the OneDay application development team, Milestone “focused on the community branding with each communities’ unique geographic location, as well as, distinctive programs and events versus a corporate branding of programs to bring real meaning to the local prospects.” According to HubSpot, 80% of customers remember a video they’ve watched in the last month.

Secondly, Milestone adopted OneDay for their internal marketing with residents and their families, as a “window into the lives of our resident’s day-to-day experiences, as well as, to show community events and programs in our social media communication on Facebook and YouTube.”

Milestone’s third strategic approach to adopting OneDay is for recruiting new talent. Their desire is to “create a dynamic culture to attract and inspire Millennial’s to work in our communities.” They have found the benefits of using OneDay for recruiting is “quick, easy, and inexpensive to share employee testimonials, to show the fun of the community workplace, and specific job or tasks.”

Finally, as an early adopter, Milestone Communities is recognizing the positive year-over-year data. “We have more effectively converted prospects to move-ins, increased our resident and family satisfaction, and improved our recruiting capabilities.”  

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