One single media system that allows families to stay informed about what’s happening in the their loved one’s senior community, upload pictures, add calendar appointments, and even share notes with other family members.

By Pam McDonald

Do you remember the days when college students stuffed themselves into Volkswagens or telephone booths – just for the fun of it? Well, I’m pretty sure that’s not what Steve Rusche, Co-founder and CEO of LifeShare Technologies, a Senior Housing Forum partner, was picturing as we talked about the possible uses of the LifeShare communication system. But, it’s the image that came to my mind.

The compact set top box is packed with software that brings Internet connectivity, digital infrastructure and massive communications functionality to senior living. As Steve says, “Our goal is to offer one system that handles a myriad of tasks resulting in greater operational efficiency for communications with staff, residents, families of residents and even visitors as well as local thought leaders.”

The Importance of Communication

He continues, “There are probably numerous articles and studies that show how important communication is as it relates to resident, family, and employee satisfaction. LifeShare Technologies is designed to address this challenge in a creative and simple manner – without having to have separate apps or systems for each area.”

When a community installs LifeShare Technologies, its display monitors and television sets become mini-computers, or more accurately, broadcast channels that can be programmed with visuals and background music that are set to transmit at specific times and in particular locations.

This provides digital signage in the communities’ common areas, which staff controls and distributes through a simple web app. Residents and visitors can enjoy and celebrate the community’s day-to-day life with content that includes activities for the day, menus, and general announcements. And, like commercial TV, programming can contain advertising and marketing messages, including video.

Fully Integrated System

Because the system is integrated, information that has been inputted, including photos, videos and text, can be shared across the platform, making it easy to use LifeShare’s Community Calendar feature for creating, managing and publishing attractive calendars – in both printed and Web accessible versions.

And with its texting, messaging and telephoning capacity, LifeShare is an efficient notification system. Announcements can be sent to all residents, when appropriate, thus eliminating the practice of staff sliding flyers under every resident room door or stuffing mailbox “cubbies” with announcements.

The Personal Touch

But LifeShare is not just programming for the masses. The community and resident families can send personalized email or text messages straight to their loved ones television. Steve explains, “Usually one family member will set the program up, but any number can connect. Residents, their family and friends can stay in touch via email, social media, text messaging, and in-room phones.”

LifeShare’s notifications feature allows team members from the Activities or Life Enrichment department to remind residents of upcoming activities via TV, a call to their room, text message or any combination of those delivery methods. It also enables the community to provide news, information and personal messages to employees – both through break room displays and smartphones.

Stay Informed

Families can stay informed about what’s happening in the community, upload pictures for their loved one, add calendar appointments, and even share notes with other family members through the system’s free robust mobile app.

And this single hardware-software system also provides activity resources such as therapeutic music and faith programming provided in conjunction with Coro Health, news, weather and other engagement resources, as well as games that are available for communal or individual use.

Steve says, “LifeShare allows communities to reach their various audiences in the most cost-effective manner, to differentiate themselves in their marketplace and, most importantly, to enrich the entire senior living experience.” 

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