Avanti Senior Living’s Obsession With Beautiful Residents

By Steve Moran

Avanti Senior Living’s Obsession With Beautiful Residents

A few months ago Senior Housing Forum published an article titled “I So Want to Do This”. It was a story about a high school student who videotaped fellow students’ reactiosn to being told they were beautiful. It seemed like a natural fit for a senior living community. A great content idea, fairly easy to do and very shareable.  

A perfect content marketing piece . . .

I was so excited about the idea that I considered connecting with a local senior community and doing it myself, but never got a round to it.

A Surprise for You

Then a couple of weeks before Christmas I got a voicemail from Lori Alford, the COO of Avanti Senior Living, saying, “I have a surprise for you.” It was almost Christmas and I love surprises, so I called her right back.  

As soon as we connected she said, “I sent you a link. Watch it, then call me back.” Even before I clicked, I knew she had taken this project on with her residents and team members.   

Here is the final version of what she sent me. It made me smile and it made me cry.