I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to all of you who weighed in on my logo options.   As you have no doubt figured out, I didn’t go with either the first or second most popular choice.  That being said it was a reader comment that made the decision clear.   1a

One of my readers said they liked the coffee cup because it had so much potential for morphing  for holidays, seasons or even a particular subject matter. I read that and thought, yep, that’s a great idea.  You should expect going forward to see a morphed coffee cup in some way virtually every month. The second reason I settled on the cup of coffee is that there is nothing like taking a coffee break with a colleague, friend, boss or even a new acquaintance to have a conversation about this wonderful and sometimes frustrating and confounding business we live and breathe.   One of the things that differentiates Senior Housing Forum is that we encourage dialog which means, that to be true to this commitment we take the good with the bad. That goes for me personally and for the blog partners.  It means that we don’t moderate comments (there is a SPAM filter, that does a pretty good job of catching only SPAM but very rarely it will hold up a legitimate comment) no matter how contrary it is to our thinking, as long as it meets our basic guidelines. It is my hope that this morning, and for that matter every morning you will pour a cup of coffee, and take a quick look at Senior Housing Forum and join the conversation.  We all learn and benefit from our collective wisdom. Finally, if you have an fun crazy idea for the cup and we use it.  I will send you a senior housing forum coffee cup.  

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