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A Real Life Success Story

Recently I was in Victoria, BC for meetings at Vigil Health Solutions and we got to telling real life stories about how our dementia care system makes a difference in the lives of residents, communities and staff.  Troy...

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Senior Housing and LinkedIn

Several Months ago I ran a survey on how the Senior Housing Industry.  In addition to giving people to in just a few words, describe the benefits they receive from LinkedIn.  I have included a sampling of those...

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The Perpetual Problem . . .

You were first contacted by the family because dad has become mildly confused living at home.  He forgets to take his medication and can’t remember the last time he bathed.  After weeks of working with the prospective...

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Defining The Problem

Last week I challenged the Kaiser Family Foundation article that predicted an impending critical shortage of nursing home beds (You can read that article HERE). My premise was not that there is no problem, but rather that they...

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