Several Months ago I ran a survey on how the Senior Housing Industry.  In addition to giving people to in just a few words, describe the benefits they receive from LinkedIn.  I have included a sampling of those comments at the bottom of this post.

(Note:  I am not sure why the number of people who have paid accounts and the number who answered this question do not match.)

Selected Responses to the Question:

“1. Keeps in touch with past and current people that I have worked with. 

2. I do read articles or conversations that affect my field in the industry. 

3. Recently laid off and hope to have opportunities for opening a new door in my life.”

“Ability to connect with strategic partners” “As a new young professional in the field LinkedIn has allowed me to increase my networking substantially as well as introduce new ideas and solutions to my current long term care facility.  I rely on LinkedIn more than I care to admit and it has only led to good things…a great resource of information from across the nation and the globe!” “At this point, little to no benefit.  Still figuring out how to best use this resource.” “Connecting within the industry provides numerous benefits,current and future.  I feel if you are serious about your career, have passion and commitment towards what you do and to those you serve, industry contacts can be nothing but positive.” “Good to build my brand provide Added follow to my clients, alternate way to communicate, Educate myself , stay on top off what the social media crowd is doing.” “has a big upside. ok currently. Needs to grow and become a facebook for the ltc industry!!” “I am a new user of the service. The only reason I joined was to look for work. As I started using the site I am finding it to be a valuable tool. I have reconnected with people I have worked with in the past and find the discussions interesting. I have just touched on the power of the sight. Even if my next job does not come from a contact I made here I will be a faithful user.” “I am an ED; I have received many calls/emails from recruiters regarding my availability. I also stay in contact with colleagues from companies I’ve previously worked for as a job finding network.” “Its the best tool for any business. People don’t use it enough and often sadly don’t use it right. It helps me stay in touch with my people and my industry…..” “Mostly professional.  I trust much more than Facebook.” “Wasting a lot of time.” “What I most like about LinkedIn is that you can quickly connect with many people whom you would practically not be able to find the time or means to otherwise meet, especially as it pertains to your industry. Facebook has more limitation on the networking side of things as there you are mostly wanting to confirm “Friends” or acquaintances, and trying to connect with “colleagues” is more difficult. On LinkedIn, however, it is much easier and faster to connect with colleagues. As a CEO that helps me with branding, recruitment and information gathering ..”

My heartfelt thanks to all those who took the time to take this survey. Steve Moran

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