Last summer I spent the day doing a white water rafting trip down the South Fork of the American River with Wilderness Adventures. It was a serendipitous set of circumstances that made this happen. Most readers are familiar with Groupon, a website that offers deeply discounted products and services as a way to promote their business. Sometimes people who purchase these coupons are unable to use them before the expiration date. This has has spawned several websites that provide people the ability to resell their certificates rather than lose all value. I came across a newspaper article about these resale sites and was intrigued. I was amazed to find two white water rafting certificates at prices that were so low that they were almost free. The only catch was that I had less than two weeks to use the certificates. I bought them, then called up the company to see about scheduling the trip. A couple of days later I got my email confirmation and the next Sunday morning we showed up at the appointed meeting place. It was a great experience, the equipment was perfect, the guide was super and overall it was a super adventure with a terrific guide. At the end of the trip we were transported back to the starting point and fed a nice lunch.

Whitewater Rafting and Senior Housing

It is morally correct and great business to show appreciation for a job well done or when someone provides you great value. While most people who will read this blog are too far away to ever use Wilderness Adventures, this blog is a way of saying thanks for a job well done. It is easy to become complacent or even hostile to people we do business with. We kind of figure that since we provided services or bought services that is enough. I guess in some sense it is. But ultimately in an industry like senior housing, our ecosystem is a complex web of interconnected circles. One of the best ways we can protect and grow our business, is by saying thank-you for a job well done. It costs little or nothing to do so and because of the interconnectedness it can pay huge dividends. Here is just a short list of people who can have a profound “word of mouth” impact on the marketing of your community: family members; ancillary service providers such as home health agencies, hospitals, referral agencies, churches, service clubs and your vendors.

Whenever any organization or individual does something to help your community you should figure out a way to reciprocate. You should do this because it is the right thing to do. You should do this because it is the nice thing to do. You should do this because it will pay dividends to your community. Do you have any stories about how you have been able to use your referral network to benefit of your community? Steve Moran Because I am sure someone will ask, here are two sites where these deals are offered for sale: 

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